LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman McCoy Says 4 Town Meeting Articles Are ILLEGAL, Including Sciarappa Farm Rezoning

Dear Editor,

On February 5, 2018 at the Wilmington Board of Selectmen meeting, the town manager Jeff Hull read into the record the memorandum dated February 2, 2018 which states 2018 Annual Town Meeting Warrant articles by Petition.  The town manager, Jeffrey Hull started to read the eight warrant articles and as he read the first four, I recognized that they were all in legal form listing the petitioners name Adam J. Silva, Julianne Hooper, Michael J. Newhouse and Michael J. Newhouse again.  All four petition articles are in legal form.  All four started off stating Annual Town Meeting.  Go get some popcorn folks, this is going to get interesting.

The next four articles are all illegal.  I’ll explain in a second.  As the town manager read the articles, the petitioners names are as follows:  Sandra LaLiberte, Lyndsey Riley, Jacqueline Welch, and Jacqueline Welch again.  (Jacqueline Welch is Michael Welch’s wife, as in Michael Welch the developer).  All four of those articles started off by stating “Petition Article”, then the verbiage, however they missed out on some very important words on the top of each of the pages:  Annual Town Meeting.

That’s right–NONE OF THEM stated Annual Town Meeting.  Many of you well remember the fiasco I and the group Concerned Citizens of Wilmington went through just a couple of months ago this past December when I petitioned for a special town meeting where the Town Clerk, Sharon George, gave me the paperwork for my article and the header of each signature page were the words Annual Town Meeting.  The group and I went out and collected 649 signatures whereas we only needed 200.  When I returned the pages to the clerk’s office figuring I was all set, because the clerk herself gave me the paperwork.  Guess what?  Just a few hours after turning in the papers, I got a phone call from Jeff Hull, the town manager, telling me that he had talked to the town counsel, John Foskett and stated to me that my article was illegal because I was lacking ONE word:  It should have said SPECIAL Town Meeting, not  Annual Town Meeting.  So town counsel John Foskett deemed it illegal.  This was not my fault.  So what did we do?  We did it again and collected even more signatures, 668 to be exact, because ONE WORD was missing.  We know the history of that town meeting–we won.

So there is no difference here.  In all of those four articles, it does not indicate what the people were signing.  So town counsel has to apply the same rule of law as he did to me.  They are illegal.  Plain and simple.  There should be no different opinion from my article deemed illegal to these four present articles.

Here is the best part;  when I saw the articles as written on February 5, 2018 as the town manager Jeff Hull was reading them, I kept my big mouth shut knowing that the deadline to submit warrant articles by petitioners was February 2, 2018.  However, at the next Wilmington Board of Selectmen meeting of February 26, 2018, the town manager Jeff Hull read the same exact articles again.  Once again, I kept my big mouth shut and let the town manager do his thing and said nothing.  No one caught the mistake.  The Wilmington Board of Selectmen could, if they wanted to, accept those petition articles if they chose to after the February 2, 2018 deadline.  So that was the last bite of the apple on February 26, 2018.

On Wednesday February 28, 2018, I spoke with the town manager Jeff Hull and confirmed with him my findings and he agreed that the time had, indeed, expired for petition articles to be submitted.  Period.  I told the manager that the four articles were all illegal, especially the one located on Andover Street–you guessed it–the Scirappa Farm article submitted by Jacqueline Welch.  If passed at the town meeting, it would produce over 700 condos off  Andover Street in Wilmington.  I told the manager that as selectmen, I was instructing him as town manager to investigate this matter and give it to the town counsel.  I told the town manager that I think nobody knows more than I do in regards to the omission of one word on a petition article.   In this case, there were no words at all to state on any of the signature pages to indicate what the people were actually signing.  The old saying-what’s good for the goose is good for the gander or in this case, what’s good for the retired pizza guy (me) should be good for the developer (Michael Welch) and the others.  There should be no way that town counsel John Foskett can let this slide.  The town counsel has no choice, like he did in my article, to deem these illegal.  So what does that mean?  All four of those articles must do it again, like myself and the Concerned Citizens of Wilmington and they have two options:  Number one, wait till next year’s annual town meeting OR 2. They must do what I did; get the correct verbiage and go back out there and collect 200 signatures for a special town meeting.

On a side note, I don’t know how this got by the town relative to Scirappa’s Farms.  I was always under the impression that this was considered agricultural land and the Town of Wilmington should have the first right of refusal to buy the property.  I remember back when then town manager, Michael Caira and the board of selectmen, which included myself, was in executive session to discuss this very topic and to the credit of the former town manager Michael Caira, he stated that he put the town into the positive position to buy the property when it became available.  One more thing–those same four articles put together that are all illegal, it looks like the same font and format was used in all four articles, on all the signature pages, and they all head off with the words “Petition Article”.  Hmmm….very suspicious.  I’m just one humble selectman calling it the way it is.


Michael V. McCoy
Wilmington Selectman

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13 thoughts

  1. Dear Mr McCoy,
    It is great that you realized several times the petitioners had made a mistake from your past experience. What I do not understand is that as our selectmen that you would not notify the petitioners or say something at the meeting. You pride yourself as looking out for is but in your own words you said nothing until the time expired. Unfortunately it looks as you had an personal agenda. The political climate in wilmington is changing and not for the better. Just wish you helped them as I believe that’s the job. I am just disappointed not an attack at all.

  2. I can barely read a paragraph of this letter without feeling just as Kim does and I agree with her completely. If they were illegal and you knew it and did not come forward, that is saying you did not have the entire town’s interests at heart by “not opening your mouth”. I don’t get it, it feels like you’re playing games or something, Mr. McCoy.

  3. Mr McCoy, I hope you really consider not running for re election I for one will not be voting for you or any one you endorse. Tines are changing in this town and it Is time for you to go.
    You jump on any bandwagon to try and get a vote whether it is good for the town or not.
    You are only out for yourself.

    Diane leblanc

  4. Let the time expire to prove a point, instead of bringing it forward and the four petitioners could have had time to re-apply. Once again it’s all about MM and I won’t even type his full name to give him anymore than the 15 minutes of fame he used up over 15 years ago

    1. To G.F. or like grown-ups say, George Ferdinand, who is a resident of Tewksbury and also a member of the Tewksbury Board of Health. I remember you. Do you have any idea how many residents in your home town of Tewksbury are unhappy because of the over development the town boards have allowed? You don’t think I know who you are? I remember our conversation just days after last year’s Tewksbury local election. Maybe your buddy, the former Tewksbury selectman who lost to Jay Kelley would have done things differently. You took a shot at me relative to the rezoning article I presented. If I were you, I’d be far more concerned about what’s happening in Tewksbury than in Wilmington unless you need The Concerned Citizens of Wilmington and me to come give you a hand.

      1. I’m very concerned about what’s going on in Tewksbury and have been and will continue to be involved making a difference. I still don’t believe your reason on commenting on a Tewksbury election other than you wanting the people to remember your congrats when you run for your uncles position in the future. A shot at you as you call it is just a plain fact as I see it. No thanks on the hand. I’m all set

  5. Dang, George. I am a Wilmington resident but I am envious of your constiuents who seem to have elected a selectman who cares about neighboring towns as well as his own. Good job! Take notes, Mr. McCoy. Be a good neighbor please.

    1. Thank You Robert. I graduated from Wilmington HS in 1980 and have followed many things going on in the town since. God Bless You and Wilmington

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