LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident Is Sick Of “False, Blatant Attacks” On State Rep. Jim Miceli’s Record

Dear Editor,

Once again, I find myself rolling my eyes at another clearly transparent hit piece against our state Representative James Miceli, this time by John Goggins. As we have been through this before, I would like to take a moment to correct some of the ridiculous assertions put forth by Mr. Goggins, and dispel what he has claimed. Firstly, and what confuses me perhaps more than anything, is that Mr. Goggins makes claims that Representative Miceli has not been debating or discussing topics important to our towns and residents.

While watching Wilmington’s biggest special town meeting in recent memory, I saw that Representative Miceli spoke on behalf of the concerns of the residents and the town; arguing against the idea of allowing marijuana shops and cafes, and again regarding the construction of a detox center. This was done at the Special Town Meeting, in front of hundreds, including John himself. I am quite confused to why Mr Goggin would claim that Representative Miceli could not debate, when he himself witnessed this in person, unless it was for purely political reasons which is clearly is.

In addition I wish to comment on several claims in regards to “rule 49” as I read up on it. This is by no means a hindrance to any debate the Representative wishes to have. If the legislator who asks for this rule wishes to debate the issue on hand, they can merely suspend the rule and debate at any time, as the legislator is in the state house. Working from their office, dozens of legislators have and continue to use rule 49, accomplishing work from their office that otherwise they could not have done from the chamber. This includes meeting with groups on legislation, making calls on behalf of the town and the residents, and composing letters and more. Is this not the job of a legislator? I’m a bit confused, and I think Mr. Goggins is too.

Representative Miceli has been out and about here in town, I know I can say this because I’ve seen him several times. This claim that Wilmington and Tewksbury haven’t been represented is ridiculous, considering that Jim just helped a major opioid clinic gain funding, has advocated for Wilmington to receive funding for Route 38 improvements and the Butters Row Bridge, and more. What Mr. Goggins claims is patently false, and I want to make sure that the residents of Tewksbury and Wilmington are not fooled by his baseless claims. I, for one, am getting sick of blatant attacks that are not founded on concrete evidence and truth.


Gary DePalma
Wilmington, MA

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