Shawsheen Tech Announces Seniors Of The Month

BILLERICA, MA — Tewksbury’s Alesha Talbot and Billerica’s Matthew Troisi were recently recognized as Seniors of the Month at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.

Alesha Talbot

Talbot, a student in the school’s electrical shop, is on her way to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in the fall. She was accepted last month to the college’s electrical engineering program and is looking forward to continuing her education in the field.

“There are a lot of different directions you can go [with engineering],” she said. “I’m not quite sure what I want to do yet.”

Talbot gravitated toward electrical shop as a freshman and enjoyed the many aspects of the field. She considered becoming a union electrician for a time, but last year decided to continue her education in college.

Talbot, of Tewksbury, said working with Bagni Electrical in Dunstable through the school’s cooperative education program helped expose her to even more phases of the industry.

In reality, Talbot likely would have excelled at whatever course of study she chose. The National Honor Society member is one of the top ranked students in her class academically and boasts an impressive 3.85 grade-point average.

She also balances studying with some sports and is a three-sport athlete at Shawsheen.

Talbot was a key member of the successful Ram girls cross country team in the fall, she skates for the girls hockey team in the winter and is a member of the girls lacrosse team in the spring.

Her athletic career has included some hardware. She earned a Coach’s Award in both cross country and hockey and was a cross country captain this year.

When she isn’t playing sports, she’s helping teach them. Talbot has been an active coach of youth hockey to girls in Wilmington in recent years. She helps out with the Squirt teams, elementary-school aged players.

“It’s fun,” Talbot said. ‘They’re adorable.”

Talbot is also competitive off of the ice and fields.

She was a participant in SkillsUSA last year as a junior and plans to compete again this year.

Talbot has also received multiple Citizenship Awards through the electrical shop.

Matthew Troisi

Troisi studies drafting at Shawsheen and through his cooperative education job at the school, he’s already been exposed to some fascinating parts of the industry.

Troisi works at ConforMIS, Inc. in Billerica, a company that designs and manufactures customized knee implants. The implants are individually sized and shaped to fit to each patient’s anatomy.

Troisi is a high school CAD (Computer-Aided Design) engineer for ConforMIS.

“It’s a pretty cool job,” he said.

Troisi has seen first hand some of the results of the knee replacements he works on. He saw a video of a woman that had a successful procedure and spoke about how happy she was with the results.

“It was life-changing for her,” he said. “It was nice to see. I’ve already impacted hundreds of patients with all of the different things I’ve done.”

Troisi had twin siblings that attended Shawsheen previously and attends the school now with his twin sister. His three siblings all went through the Health Assisting shop.

As a freshman, he admittedly knew very little about drafting, but ultimately chose it after taking some classes during the ninth grade.

A Billerica resident, Troisi plans to attend college and study engineering.

He has plenty of other interests.

At Shawsheen, Troisi is a participant in SkillsUSA in a leadership/volunteer role and he’s a manager for three different Ram sports teams. Troisi has been a manager for the girls basketball team for four years, the track and field team for three years and the boys soccer team for two years.

Troisi is also the treasurer of the National Honor Society and a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet. He is the chairman of that group and represents the senior class during their monthly meetings with Superintendent-Director Timothy Broadrick.

The cabinet presents its concerns to the School Committee regularly.

“It’s of my favorite things I do [at Shawsheen],” said Troisi, who was the Vice Chairman of the cabinet as a junior before his promotion in the 12th grade.

Shawsheen Tech Students of the Month

(NOTE: The above announcement is from the Shawsheen Tech.)

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