LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another Reader Comes To Miceli’s Defense Over Voting Record

Dear Editor,

When I read a letter to the editor by Joe Dunn, I was initially confused as I have had the pleasure of knowing Representative Miceli and all the work he has done for many years. After looking into Mr. Dunn’s background and how he pitched his argument, however, I was able to see that this was a clear hit job that cherry-picked one day, shoehorning half-truths to fit a certain political agenda.

When one looks at Jim’s voting record, he has over a 93% voting record this year, and he only missed two amendments on the criminal justice bill votes contrary to Mr. Dunn’s inaccurate claims. Jim voted on the vast majority of controversial amendments, which actually took place on November 14th, including the final votes on both the House-proposed and Senate-proposed bills. In addition, Jim has attended scores of community events over the year, which I know as fact as I often run into him at them. Be it our town-meeting, where he spoke extensively, the Christmas tree-lighting, where I saw him talking with members of the community, or elsewhere. I also know of many who have called him, myself included, for assistance when dealing with all levels of government, with great success.

I find it ironic that Mr Dunn, who is charged with tracking deposits accurately for a bank, could not track a simple voting record when researching the article he was ordered to write by whomever. With such a persistent, unexplained, and unfounded argument, one must wonder what Mr. Dunn’s true goals are, and instead realize that the 19th Middlesex District has a strong voice on Beacon Hill that has represented us well.


Gary DePalma

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