State Rep. Jim Miceli Secures $100,000 For ‘Into Action Recovery’

BOSTON, MA — Following months of meetings and conversation with Secretary of Health & Human Services Mary Lou Sudders, and the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, Representative Miceli secured release for $100,000 from the Commonwealth for local opioid-abuse recovery group Into Action Recovery. The money, set for transfer from state coffers within approximately two weeks, will match fundraising efforts already undertaken by the group, and has allowed the board of Into Action Recovery to move forward in purchasing a property to begin their program.

“I am very excited that Secretary Sudders listened to my arguments and has released the funding for Into Action Recoverysaid Representative Miceli following a phone call with Secretary Sudders. “With the funds, they are undoubtedly well on their way to success even without a house to operate out of. With the funds I was able to secure for them through the budget, now to be released, we have essentially doubled the amount raised so far. Mary Ellen Cooper, a founding member, has told me that this will allow them to purchase a property now and almost immediately begin fighting the opioid crisis directly here in the Merrimack Valley.”

“In addition to the budget, I have earmarked Into Action Recovery for additional money in other expenditure bills,” added Representative Miceli. “With a group like this, consisting of local experts such lawyers, how can one not support them any way possible? They are already very successful in changing lives and turning the tide of the opioid crisis. I know they will only be more successful when their facility is up and running to its full potential. This money is a huge step in getting them, and our community, to where we want it to be.”

“We’re forever grateful to the Representative, and our Board of Directors and committee members, and all our family and friends here in Tewksbury that our goal is coming to fruition,” said Into Action Recovery spokesman David Hanley. “It’s been a long-time coming, and it could not have happened without a group effort. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work on whichever property we choose!”

“I am so grateful for Representative Miceli’s dedication to Into Action Recovery. I am so thankful for him, Secretary Sudders and everybody for believing in our mission,” added Mary Ellen-Cooper, co-founder and Tewksbury resident. “We promise to do great work with this funding, and are blessed to have a great and dedicated team that will use every dollar to begin our men’s program, and we eventually will expand it to help women caught up in this terrible crisis. We look forward to serving our community and helping all who have been touched by this horrific epidemic.”

(NOTE: The above press release is from State Rep. Jim Miceli.)

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