TOWN ELECTION UPDATE: Selectman Mike Champoux Will NOT Seek Re-Election This April

WILMINGTON, MA — Calling it “the worst kept secret in Wilmington right now,” Selectman Chair Mike Champoux announced at Monday night’s meeting that he will not seek re-election to a fourth term this April.

“At the end of my term, I will have completed three terms (nine years) on this board.  I’ve enjoyed them immensely,” said Champoux. “For me, it feels like the right time [to step away] and the right amount of time [to have served].”

“It’s important to shuffle the deck every few years and make sure the Board of Selectmen has a flow of new ideas, new information, and new voices, so we don’t get stale or stagnant,” continued Champoux. “It’s appropriate and important for me to step aside now and let another voice in.”

“I feel I need to dedicate some of my time, energy and personal resources to my family, my work, and other endeavors, both public and non-profit,” explained Champoux, noting his work as a Selectmen has been his primary focus over the past nine years, always dedicating the appropriate amount of attention and effort to his responsibilities.  “This may be a volunteer gig… but it’s a big time commitment.”

Without naming names, Champoux announced his endorsement for Finance Committee member Jonathan Eaton, who recently pulled nomination papers for the Selectmen seat Champoux is vacating.

“I would not have stepped away from this role if I didn’t have 100% confidence that there’d be somebody prepared to step in,” said Champoux. “That’s not to say other candidates couldn’t, but I have 100% confidence that the gentleman who pulled his papers last week will be an exemplary member of this board. I hope the Town of Wilmington will agree with me and vote him in.”

Champoux said he expects to have more to say about his tenure, and his feelings towards past and present colleagues, during his final meeting in April.  Wilmington Apple hopes to speak with him as well.

In what has become a trend, Champoux is now the fourth Selectmen to not seek re-election in the past three years. In 2016, Selectmen Mike Newhouse and Lou Cimaglia both opted not to run for another term.  In 2017, Selectwoman Judy O’Connell also decided to step away from the board rather than seek re-election.

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2 thoughts

  1. Just want to thank Mike for his dedication to the Town of Wilmington. He always tried to be fair and open minded to all the topics discussed. Watching the meetings for years he will be missed.

  2. Mr. Hayes, could you find out for your readers if the Town of Wilmington is in fact self insured for employee health benefits and if town officials have given the stop loss insurance company a contract that requires a $150,000 deductible on a claim before the stop loss insurance policy pays out a single penny. This being per claim not collectively.

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