Wilmington’s Fantastic Sams CLOSES, Adds Another Vacancy To Wilmington Crossing Plaza

WILMINGTON, MA — Fantastic Sams has closed its Wilmington location.

The salon, located at 217 Main Street in the Wilmington Crossing Plaza, shut down last week after nearly ten years in town.

“Finding experienced stylists has been a challenge for the industry for many years and losing 3 stylists over a 2-week period made for an untenable situation,” explains owner and Wilmington resident Mike Boudreau. “Add to that the high cost of this particular location and it has become a losing battle.”

Boudreau is encouraging customers of his Wilmington location to frequent one of his other locations, including Tewksbury (1900 Main Street), Middleton, and Danvers. Customers will receive a 15% discount on each visit through March 31, 2018.

“Just mention that you are a former Wilmington guest to the person that welcomes you at the front desk,” instructs Boudreau. “Upon confirmation of your name on the list [of customers who frequented the Wilmington location at least once in 2017], you will receive the 15% discount off all services.”

Just a few doors down from Fantastic Sams in the Wilmington Crossing Plaza, the former Chili’s location remains vacant since August 3, 2017. No word yet on what is planned for that location.

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2 thoughts

  1. This an example of another business failure due to Town officials over taxing property and causing rents to increase and now another vacancy. People being forced to sell their home while others face foreclosure and others are forced to vacate commercial space. How much longer will Wilmington voters have their head in the sand? Massive and colossal stupidity along with deranged economic philosophy. How many department heads will get a pay raise for over budgeting and proposing false expenditure numbers to the finance committee and the Town Meeting voters so they can over tax to build up free cash?

  2. what i cant understand is why any tax payer agrees with the value of their home going
    up from 352,000 to 378,000 in years time to grab more tax dollar from a homeownener
    rather than grabbing it from a industrial company. better yet stop buying new vehicles
    for the town employees. the mileage a year is probably minimal, i have a vehicle that
    is 13 years old with 325,000 miles still looks good, plows good, and is mechanically sound
    curb the spending start being frugal. we need to stop raising residential taxes you killing
    your town people are going north buying an acre and a half and paying less property tax
    than a 10,000 sq ft lot in wilmington. and still get the same services. lets regroup wilmington

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