LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCoy Thanks Town Meeting Voters, Encourages Residents To Contact Board Of Appeals Members Over Detox Proposal

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the 366 people who came out to the special town meeting this past Saturday and supported Article 2 and it was extra special because it took place during the busiest shopping season of the year.  That was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!  With you doing that, you’ve sent a loud and clear message town wide that we want to protect and take back our neighborhoods.

The biggest shout out I’d like to give is to the group called “Concerned Citizens of Wilmington.”  This group truly cares for not only their own neighborhood but also the neighborhoods throughout the entire town.  They went to the special town meeting knowing full well that they still need to fight the good fight against the drug detox center proposed to be located at 362 Middlesex Ave. property owned by Mr. Kneeland.   For them, that fight continues on at the Board of Appeals meeting for the special permit.  For the rest of you, because of their hard work in protecting your neighborhood, you now need to help them.  They need you to help them every step of the way.  When it comes time for the Board of Appeals meeting, you need to be there.  Why?  Over 85% of the special town meeting attendees voted against drug detox centers being located in neighborhoods; they let it be known that this was not okay.

Just like the the group of Wilmington’s Families First that fought against Global and won at the Board of Appeals—the simple fact is that the pressure from the huge group of residents helped defeat Global from opening.  We need to do this for the residents of North Wilmington against Mr. Kneeland’s big money and political machine.

I encourage you to call Wilmington Town Hall at 978-658-3311 and ask for the members of the Board of Appeals phone numbers and/or emails and tell them you’re opposed to the opening of the drug detox center proposed to be located at 362 Middlesex Avenue. This shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve instructed Town Hall for over 30 years to always give out my home phone number to anyone requesting it.  That’s what we’re there for—to serve the residents.  The members of the Board of Appeals should be no different.

I have not seen a movement like this between the Wilmington Families First and the Concerned Citizens of Wilmington in my 30 year political career as a public official.  You know what this says to me?  You’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore and you want your town back.  I’m with you.

Michael V. McCoy
Wilmington Selectman

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One thought

  1. I refuse to ever vote for you again, Mr. McCoy. Please know that I have contacted various equal rights organizations and campaigns over discrimination against people with substance use disorders.

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