Wilmington Youth Hockey Recognizes Jarred Aucoin & Bobby Lord

WILMINGTON, MA — This is a first in a series of articles celebrating Wilmington Youth Hockey’s graduating class of seniors. This year, WYH will graduate 14 boys from the organization. We, in the organization, are proud of our seniors.  Many many years ago, the boys were given a jersey with a “W” on the chest and they leave youth hockey with a “W” on their chest. Some would never leave and others took many travels but in the end they finished representing Wilmington because they started a Wildcat and will always be a Wildcat.

This year, Wilmington Youth Hockey will graduate Ryan St Jean, Bobby Lord, AJ McKearney, Micheal DuCharme, Jarred Aucoin, Calvin Stafford, Steve Bowker, Nate Demico, Max Shapiro, Tom Worob, Joey Mirabella, Tom Robarge and Dylan Bresnahan.

This week’s edition features Jarred Aucoin and Bobby Lord.

Jarred Aucoin

Jarred Aucoin

The physically imposing but puck moving defenseman, Jarred Aucoin is a coaches favorite.  He is always a player to step up when asked and always a player to answer a request with two words, “ok coach”. Endurance?  Jarred has that and some, this coach twice asked him to play an entire game without ever taking a rest.  Jarred’s reaction, “I don’t need breaks.  Lets play”.  Sacrificing self for the team comes easy to Jarred.   This coach will also never forget Jarred showing up the second team games as a top team player simply because he loves to play hockey. In those games, Jarred was just one of the boys playing an egoless game.

Although Jarred plays with an edge and sometime a nasty edge, he is a personable young man. We enjoyed that he could say just about anything to a referee after a controversial call or non-call because he was able to affably talk to the referees without ever getting their ire. Besides, he always has something to say.

The Aucoin family were staples of the Wilmington youth organization.  Jarred started his career at four years old in the Buzzer’s program. Dad Joe was able to coach Jarred for many years. Jarred credits his father’s coaching as one of the biggest reasons for his hockey success.

Jarred has also found great success on the baseball field. He was an integral piece to the high schools great State run of the past year.  This year, the slick fielding first baseman with good lefty pop will have high expectations on the Wildcat diamond.

Jarred’s youth hockey career comes to an end winning his highest achievement, the U18 State Championship at the top Midget level. Jarred has big plans of continued greatness hoping for Stare titles in hockey and baseball in the coming season.

Next year, Jarred plans to attend college and focus on Construction Management. Ultimately, Jarred hopes to take over his father‘s business and build on his success.

Jarred thanks his father Joe and mom Gail for their many sacrifices enabling him to play hockey.

Bobby Lord

Bobby Lord
Bobby Lord

Toughness comes in many forms, most commonly thought of in the form of big muscles or bone crunching hits but it is not true.  Toughness comes from within you’re heart and Bobby Lord has true toughness. Last year Bobby suffered a gruesome and major head injury. After a lengthy stay in the hospital and missing the end of hockey and all of the lacrosse season, Bobby is back to hockey. At the start of season, I had to remember that stepping onto the ice this year was different from any year previous for Bob.  The first step on the ice was worrisome and the first hit was nail biting but if it wasn’t anything but normal to Bobby, we will never quite know. The mentality to overcome Bobby‘s injury is a toughness that luckily most of us will never need to know.

The best part of Bobby‘s toughness, is his personality. There is never a bad day in Bobby Lord’s world. He comes to the rink with a smile, and leaves the rank with a smile whether the game was a win or a loss. That trait is not to be confused with not caring, Bobby cares. His personality allows him to make a joke on the bench one minute and grind out a greasy goal the next minute. It’s in his nature.

Bobby and Jarred Aucoin were asked to take a leadership roles on the team and in the locker room, a roll he embraced and exceled at. This year, on the high school team he will be asked to be a goal scorer. Bob is a gifted play-maker, with a knack for scoring.

Like so many, Bob’s hockey career began in WYH’s buzzer program. Bob’s dad Cliff would coach many of Bob’s teams winning the Valley League in 2008 and 2009. Bob remembers many a mite and squirt tournaments when the winner of the knee hockey match in the hallway of the hotel was just as important as winning the tournament. He loved those times forming great friendships that stand today.

So many of Bobby’s great bonds of friendship will come to fruition this winter as he leads the Wilmington Wildcats on the varsity ice. Bob hopes to reach the State Championship status he reached in his last youth hockey game of his career.

In the Spring, Bob will Captain the WHS lacrosse team. In the fall, Bob is leaning towards attending URI or UNH to take up studies in marketing and/or business.  Bob has been blessed to have parents Cliff and Corinne so involved in his career.

Lastly, Bob provided me with the best quote of the year. Speaking to Bob in the locker room, I mentioned a Wilmington game was in conflict with Bob’s second team. I said, Bob, “I know you have a conflict on Sunday…” Bob stopped me mid-sentence and replied, “Coach, I play for the Wildcats.”

(NOTE: The above article is from Wilmington Youth Hockey.)

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