LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Use Town-Owned Land For Affordable Housing; Wilmington Seniors Want To Downsize & Stay In Town

Dear Editor,

The 40B requirement is a state statute for the purpose of addressing the shortage of affordable housing.

The Chapter 40B requires every city and town in the Commonwealth to dedicate 10 percent of their total available housing inventory as affordable.

The requirement must be met by the next census 2020 and currently Wilmington is below 10%.

For Wilmington to increase its Chapter 40B unit inventory to reach the 10 percent goal, sending out request for proposals, issuing comprehensive permits to developers in the next few years, it will be a mainstay.

The best opportunity to succeed in its goal is to allow for town land.

To satisfy Wilmington’s 10 percent need and provide for more affordable housings, town-owned land at the St. Dorothy’s site would be the best solution.

This, however, would require a huge cooperative effort of town management, the Board of Selectmen and public support.

A warrant would need to be presented at a Town Meeting for the approval of using town-owned land.

This requires a vigorous and valid commitment of all parties.

It’s a must for senior housing. Wilmington seniors are asking for resident support for this much-needed request so they can downsize and remain in Wilmington.


Jack Kavanaugh

(Editor’s Note: As a clarification, Wilmington is currently ABOVE 10%.  However, as the writer indicates, Wilmington is likely to fall below 10% come 2020 if officials don’t make a concerted effort to add affordable housing to its stock before then.)

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One thought

  1. Just because it is affordable it dose not mean every Senior would qualify to own it. I also do not think you can make affordable housing for just Seniors only.

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