SCHOOL COMMITTEE NOTEBOOK: Superintendent Search Begins, Job Posting Published

WILMINGTON, MA — On November 1, the Wilmington School Committee posted the job description and application for its superintendent vacancy on the New England School Development Council’s website.  Read the posting below:

The Wilmington School Committee invites exceptional candidates to apply for the position of Superintendent of Schools.

Wilmington, Massachusetts, a town with a population of slightly over 22,000 residents, is located approximately 15 miles north of Boston. The District recently completed construction of a new High School; classes began in the new school in February of 2015. Wilmington configures its schools with the goal of enabling students the opportunity to know and be known by their fellow students, their teachers and the community. The District educates approximately 3,400 students in eight schools:

• Wilmington High School, Grades 9-12
• Wilmington Middle School, Grades 6-8
• North Intermediate School and West Intermediate School, Grades 4-5
• Woburn Street School and Shawsheen School, Grades 1-3
• Wildwood Early Childhood Center and Boutwell Early Childhood Center, Pre-K & Kindergarten

For additional information about the school district, please visit:

The position offers:
• The opportunity to join a distinguished faculty and staff
• Engaged parents and citizens
• High expectations
• A culture of teamwork and goal setting
• An atmosphere of optimism and positive problem-solving

The Wilmington School Committee is prepared to offer a regionally competitive salary and contract that recognize exceptional credentials, accomplishments and promise. Review of applications will begin on December 14, 2017, with interviews shortly thereafter. The starting date is anticipated to be on or around July 1, 2018.

Interested candidates should contact:

Dr. Arthur Bettencourt/Dr. Carolyn Burke
Wilmington Superintendent Search
New England School Development Council
28 Lord Road
Marlborough, MA 01752
Telephone: 508-481-9444

To access the online application, please visit



To provide leadership in all areas of teaching and learning: curriculum, data analysis, and professional development. To lead, guide, and direct every member of the administrative, instructional, and support services teams in setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence in educational programs and operating systems. To be responsible for a system of supervision and evaluation for all staff designed to meet the goals of the school system. To oversee and administer the use of all facilities, property, and funds in the best interests of the students and the school system.


A. Massachusetts Superintendent Certification
B. Masters or higher degree
C. 3-5 years experience in educational administration
D. Successful performance in teaching and administrative capacities of increasing responsibility


School Committee


Directly or indirectly all Wilmington School District employees


The criteria for performing the job responsibilities of the Superintendent include the ability to function effectively in the following categories:

A. Educational Leadership

1) Facilitates the development of and implements a collaborative effort to seek fulfillment and refinement of the educational vision, mission, and beliefs and assists the School Committee in setting priorities for the school system.
2) Supports policy and works for constructive change.
3) Communicates the educational vision, mission, and belief standards effectively to all stakeholders.
4) Demonstrates knowledge of developments and trends in K-12 education.
5) Ensures that policies, procedures and school rules promote a safe, respectful, and healthy school environment.
6) Communicates effectively with the School Committee, staff, students and the community about educational trends, curriculum needs and instructional programs.
7) Ensures that administrators and teachers communicate student progress and school curricula to parents.
8) Administers the development, implementation, and assessment of educational programs consistent with state and federal standards.
9) Conducts reviews of the total school program, and advises the
School Committee on recommendations for the educational advancement of the schools.
10) Recommends to the School Committee the timely revision and adoption of courses of study, curriculum, teaching materials, etc.

B. Communication

1) Keeps the public informed of the status of the schools and the District as a whole.
2) Ensures meetings of administrators, teachers and other staff members are conducted as necessary for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the schools.
3) Communicates to all staff members, directly or through delegation, actions of the School Committee relating to policy matters and receives from employees communications to be made to the School Committee.
4) Confers as appropriate with professional and lay groups concerning the school program and transmits suggestions to the School Committee and others, as appropriate.
5) Provides the School Committee ample and timely information in order for them to make well-informed decisions.
6) Communicates the Wilmington School District vision, mission and belief standards effectively to all stakeholders, is proactive and uses a variety of means to inform, commend, recommend, thank, inquire, and respond.
7) Establishes and maintains a program of public relations to keep the public well informed of the activities and needs of the school system, affecting a wholesome and cooperative working relationship between the schools and the community.
8) Communicates with and understands the needs and perspectives of various community groups.
9) Attends, or delegates a representative to attend, meetings of municipal agencies at which matters pertaining to the school system appear on the agenda or are expected to be raised.

C. Staffing

1) Implements the Massachusetts Teachers Evaluation system for all staff. 2) Fosters an environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement on the part of school staff.
3) Ensures protocols are in place to develop and implement an effective system of staff development focused on improving the educational and operational programs for each of the schools in collaboration with the School Committee, administration, and District.
4) Advocates for staff to participate in conferences, visitations and coursework within the framework of the school system’s budget.
5) Keeps the School Committee abreast of staff development priorities, needs, and activities.
6) Develops and implements a hiring process that complies with applicable state and federal laws targeting the most qualified and competent teachers, administrators, and co-extra curricular personnel.
7) Ensures that job descriptions for all staff are developed, remain current, and serve as a basis for the evaluation of all school personnel.
8) Participates, as deemed appropriate by the School Committee, in negotiations with recognized employee bargaining units.
9) Responds appropriately to employee grievances or problems in accordance with applicable School Committee policies, collective bargaining agreements, and/or state/federal laws and regulations.
10) Establishes personnel procedures that provide information that may be used to advance the quality of the school system, such as exit interviews for departing employees, employee focus group discussions on specific aspects of job performance and duties, questionnaires and/or other means of eliciting staff member feedback.

D. Financial Management

1) Demonstrates the ability to perform effective financial forecasting and long and short-term financial planning.
2) Supervises the preparation and presentation of the annual budget and recommends it to the School Committee for approval.
3) Explains clearly the proposed budgets, needs and priorities to all stakeholders.
4) Ensures financial procedures and accounts are maintained and that audits are performed on an annual basis. Further, communicates any audit findings by a third-party to the School Committee with recommendations for corrective action.
5) Apprises the School Committee of the status of expenditures and receipts on a regular basis.
6) Aligns budgeted funds and human resources to achieve agreed upon strategic goals.

E. Operational and Facilities Management

1) Files, or causes to be filed, all reports required by state or federal laws/regulations.
2) Makes administrative decisions necessary for the effective and efficient operations of the schools. Acts on own discretion when emergency action is necessary in matters not covered by School Committee policy. Reports such emergency actions to the School Committee and recommends policy for future guidance.
3) Models for all school personnel the use of data to make well-informed decisions.
4) Supervises and ensures compliance with all laws, regulations and School Committee policies.


Length of contract, salary and benefits shall be determined by agreement of the School Committee and Superintendent under the Superintendent’s contract.


Performance shall be evaluated in accordance with Massachusetts law.

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