Wilmington Recognized By Lt. Governor For Local-State Collaboration, Commitment To Best Practices

WILMINGTON, MA — Massachusetts Lt. Governor Karyn Polito visited Wilmington Town Hall on Friday afternoon for a Community Compact signing ceremony.

Community Compacts give “cities and towns the chance to make needed improvements through collaboration with and support from the Commonwealth. Each compact is a voluntary, mutual agreement between the Baker-Polito Administration and the local government. The cabinet, headed by the Lieutenant Governor, enables the state to work closely with leaders from these municipalities to support public interests and develop mutual standards for governing effectively.”

“The Community Compacts program is working,” said Polito. “We knew it needed to be (1) voluntary, (2) funded, and (3) allow for cities and towns to figure out what they wanted to work on, then state government would come together to help achieve the goal.”

“Wilmington is the 303rd community to sign a best practices compact out of our 351 cities and towns,”  continued Polito.  “There are now over 700 best practices compacts embedeed in local government across our state.  Every compact is unique as each municipality comes together and figures out what they want to work on.”

Wilmington signed two Community Compacts — one focused on long range planning/forecasting model and another focused on the review and evaluation of financial management structure.

“These compacts offer Wilmington a real opportunity to strengthen the financial policies here in this community,” said Polito. “Wilmington has a good leadership team that’s thinking, planning and focusing on the right things and good things will come from that. We have a lot of faith and confidence in your leadership team.”

Polito noted that the compacts opens up additional grant opportunities to Wilmington.

“We want to extend our thanks to you and the Governor for your efforts over the past few years to provide the kind of resources, like the Community Compacts, that allow cities and towns to pursue best practices,” said Town Manager Jeff Hull.  “We took a look at a number of the practices and will focus on (1) long term revenue expenditure projections and (2) looking at our financial management structure.  We hope to plan better for all our budgets… and look at becoming more effective and efficient in our financial departments, which have remained largely unchanged over the past 30 years.”

Hull thanked his staff for their good work — Assistant Town Manager Dee Casey, who submitted the application; Beverly Dalton; Wendy Martiniello, Jackie LaVerde, Kellie Daigle, and Town Accountant Mike Morris.

“There has not been an administration like yours that has worked so hard to prioritize the local issues and really get involved in the communities,” State Rep. Jim Miceli said to Polito, who he knows well from her time in the House. “I wish you a lot more years in office, and that’s coming from a Democrat.”

“Congratulate to the Town for signing this Community Compact,” said State Senator Bruce Tarr. “I think it’s reflective of the attitude and spirit of the community and its Town Manager to seek out partnership that will be beneficial to the people of Wilmington.”

“During campaign season, the Baker-Polito team talked a lot about its respect for and acknowledgment of the fact that ‘the rubber hits the road’ at the local communities. You’ve really lived by that and Wilmington is a beneficiary of that today,” said Selectman Chair Mike Champoux. “We’re grateful for the Baker-Politio administration’s support of our efforts here in the trenches.”

Polito Signing The Compact
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito signs Wilmington’s new Community Compacts, while Town Manager Jeff Hull and Selectmen Chair Mike Champoux looks on.
Group Photo
State Senator Bruce Tarr, Selectman Ed Loud, Town Manager Jeff Hull, State Representative Jim Miceli, Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, Selectman Mike McCoy, Assistant Town Manager Dee Casey, Selectmen Chair Mike Champoux

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