Town of Wilmington Provides Info On Property Tax Exemptions

WILMINGTON, MA — To all Wilmington real estate taxpayers who may be eligible for a property tax exemption (Veterans, Elderly, Widows/Widowers, Blind, Paraplegics, etc) in FY 2018, please be reminded that the Board of Assessors will accept applications starting in October.

If you received an exemption for FY 2017 property taxes, an exemption application will be mailed to you by the Assessors’ Office in October. By Massachusetts General Law, applications for FY 2018 are due to the Board of Assessors by April 1, 2018 (which is 3 months after the mailing of the actual tax bill on January 1st). The Board then has 3 months to act on the application and may request further information from you regarding your eligibility during that time.

Please remember that filing for an exemption is by ANNUAL application. Your qualifications and status may change year to year as well as the eligibility requirements for certain exemptions.

Income and Asset Limits change annually, if you have not qualified in the past, you may now qualify.

Senior Exemptions have Age, Ownership, Residency, Income and/or Asset requirements. The FY18 Senior Income requirements for Clause 41C are as follows:

SNGLE – Income Limit of $24,537 – Asset Limit (excluding Domicile) of $40,000
MARRIED – Income Limit of $36,806 – Asset Limit (excluding Domicile) of $50,000

For Seniors (over 70) or Surviving Spouse, the Clause 17D FY17 ASSET Requirements may not exceed $50,000, excluding the domicile. There are NO income requirements for this exemption.

If you apply and qualify for an exemption, the Board will notify you by sending a green Exemption Certificate after the January 1st bill.

The Assessors’ Office will have brochures available explaining the types and qualifications for the various exemptions. For more information you may also review the back of your tax bill which outlines the application filing deadline; visit the Assessors’ website to view a brochure that summarizes the exemption qualifications or contact the Assessors’ Office at 978-658-3675.

(NOTE: The above announcement is from the latest Town Topics newsletter.)

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