LETTER: Our Town Officials’ Silence On Global Proposal Is “Deafening”

Dear Editor,

Think about it. Do you say something if you see someone kicks a dog in front of you? Someone leaves a child in a locked car? Someone struggling to keep their head above water at a beach? I don’t know about you, but if I can’t physically help then I try to say something to someone who can help resolve the issue at hand.

I write about this due to the fact that residents educated to the issue at hand, in this and surrounding towns, are opposed to the proposed Global Truck Stop to be built in Wilmington for many various reasons. This opposition is expressed by signage on property, attendance at meetings and through the media. Besides State Rep. Miceli, only one other elected official has noted his opposition to this proposal. No one else who can help this town and the out-of-control issues with traffic and development is stepping forward. While selflessly donating their time and energy serving the community in an unpaid capacity is a commendable endeavor, Why the silence? Just who are these town officials representing anyway? Yes the question is being asked, sorry if it hurts feelings, but the citizenry has a right to know what is really going on before coming to conclusions.

There is a school of thought, suspect to this particular case, that the direction of these boards’ and committees’ opinions and decisions are dictated by The Team of the former town manager and former chairman of the board of selectmen / town counsel, who were hired by the Global to push this through any obstacles or opponents of this proposed project. Both very nice people, who just want to make a buck.

Yes, this could be taken as an insultive slant, devoid of flowery scenarios and elegant adjectives put forth by the proponents proposal, but the fact is, in layman’s terms, this is going to be truck stop, and all that goeswith it as such.

If you have ever made a living driving one then you would understand…maybe not for tractor trailers, but straight trucks. The process this Team has taken in pushing this proposal through harkens back suspiciously to a time when this former town selectmen /chairman got re-elected and shortly thereafter, at the very first selectman meeting, resigned to apply to the town council position. His replacement to the board of selectmen voted in and appointed that night was…not the person who came in second in votes, but someone who had not even run for that selectman position. The funny thing about this was it was all done with one particular selectman absent from said meeting…. No waiting til he came back, no “let’s discuss this and vote at the next meeting,” just hurry up and get someone in that spot. Low and behold who got the town council job? Well well well…But I digress, it was a long time ago and the outrage has subsided over time. It was then and is now small town politics, being played as a team sport and all legal. Thanks to the Town Crier archives that have been put online [Thank You Library staff], it’s right there for any citizen to see…and if you go back say 17-18 years you will note that this “team” has been together for quite some time and have had their hand in how this town has changed.

The neighborhood this project is proposed for, and this town, needs someone who is in a position – elected or appointed – to help it, to stand up and acknowledge the will of the citizens they represent. This town is out-of-control with developers chomping at the bit to slide through proposals and build on any spot they can, and there are many on the horizon. One major issue with this proposal is allowing Global to put in a driveway over a residential zoned area off Lowell Street as denoted on the zoning maps available on the town website. This sets a precedence for future developments, does that matter to anyone?

Building this truck stop in such a busy intersection, across from a densely populated neighborhood is foolish, for so many reasons. What does this say about the town officials and the future of this town when they remain silent in the face of public outcry against this proposal. As they do not reign supreme power on control of what goes where in the continued development of this town, their voice represents the citizens. There are means of control on the issues of development. Their silence on this proposal is deafening. Are they representing the Town or the Team?

Robert Warren

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