LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Don’t Be Fooled,” Oppose The Global Proposal

Dear Editor;

I rarely, if ever, write letters to the editor – but I feel the need to set the record straight after reading Mr. Michael Caira’s letter to the editor that was deliberately and intentionally written in a way to deceive readers about the Global Partners proposed mega-gas station on West Street.

First, let the record show that Mr. Caira didn’t send this letter out of concern for Wilmington residents. This letter was sent in the performance of his duties as a PAID CONSULTANT for his out-of-town Fortune 500 client, Global Partners.

All you need to do to find out where the residents of Wilmington stand on this issue is to drive around town to see the hundreds of signs opposing this project. These residents, who aren’t being paid by Global, are concerned about one thing. Saving their town from this project, which benefits a small group consisting of Global, Mr. Caira and Global’s other PAID consultant, Mr. Michael Newhouse.

In his letter, Mr. Caira neglected to mention is that he was opposed to this project at a prior Town meeting when Global was proposing to build this gas station on Lowell Street in another location very close to this one. What has changed since then? It’s actually pretty easy to figure out.

Mr. Caira also stated that this project is “not on land within the nearby neighborhood,” but in actuality the gas station is as close to residential homes as any could ever be. It is directly across the street from at least two homes, and in close proximity to many others.

Mr. Caira also wrote that “there will be no access for large trucks to refuel at the facility” and it is not a “rest stop gas station.” But the fact is trucks can and will use the facility’s proposed 20 gas pumps and multiple large retail facilities. That sounds like a rest stop to me.

And Mr. Cairas’ claim that traffic will not be worse upon completion of this project is laughable. Global has not proposed one traffic improvement on Lowell Street from Lucci’s to the intersection of Lowell and West Street. Not one. And that is where the majority of the traffic from this site will come from.

Mr. Caira and Mr. Newhouse, former longtime elected and appointed officials in this community, are being paid by Global to influence town boards to approve this project over the objections of hundreds of taxpaying residents of this community who are vehemently opposed to this ridiculous proposal.

The average taxpaying residents of Wilmington who aren’t being paid by Global oppose this project. Residents need to continue to speak up and urge our respected board members to vote NO. They need to represent our views not bow to out-of-town corporate interests that can afford to pay our former town officials to lobby for a project that is not in our best interests as a community.

Don’t be fooled folks. This proposal is just the beginning of the end of the town of Wilmington as you know it and love it. The time to stand up and be heard is now. Otherwise, it is going to be too late.

Sincerely yours,

Katrina Ferrari

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