LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Jim Miceli Opposes Global Gas Station Proposal

Dear Editor,

Over the years I, like many in the town of Wilmington, have watched our small town grow and prosper. We have welcomed many new people to the community, attracted by our easy access by road or rail to Boston, fantastic schools, and solid sense of community. In addition to our outstanding reputation as a wonderful place to raise a family, many commercial and industrial ventures have elected to move to our fair town. When done correctly, this is an important of maintaining a healthy, vibrant town. During my time on the selectboard and planning  board, this was done correctly as we limited industrial developments to certain isolated segments of town and picked commercial applications to represent a broad array of services to the community. Now, currently in the midst of an application process, Wilmington seeks to add yet another gas station at the intersection of Lowell Street and West Street.

I, and hundreds throughout the community, all strongly believe that the addition of this gas-station to Wilmington is not beneficial to the neighborhood nor to the town in any capacity. Global’s argument of competition is hollow, and would not accomplish any decrease in prices to consumers, but rather would only serve individuals passing through on their way to and from Boston.

In addition to a lack of competition, another unaddressed but valid concern of mine and the town is the severe impact that a sudden increase in traffic will have on the area. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, from 2012 to 2014, 42 major crashes have occurred at the intersection, four of which carried severe injuries. In addition, anyone who uses the intersection to Route 93 knows the frustration of the backup and delays already caused by development in the area, even outside of regular commuting hours. Global vows that such an issue will not exist due to their exit and entrance design as they did before the Wilmington Planning Board, but this is simply not possible as the issue is not the road design, but overall volume. The construction of this gas station will act as a traffic magnet, complicating an already difficult set of streets.

Simply put, Global is not right for the local residents, businesses, and Wilmington at-large. Wilmington is moving forward, stepping into the future, but we as a town should do it with foresight and intellect. Global is not a good choice, and families should come first.

State Representative Jim Miceli

(NOTE: The above “op ed” was submitted by Rep. Miceli’s Office.)

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