LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident Worried About Continued Tax Increases In Town; Calls For “Shakeup”

To the editor,

It went quietly when posted that Wilmington was number one in the state with the 2015 tax increase percentage — the highest in the state.

It was a red flag that tax increases may be the norm as it was quietly ignored.

It may not become a concern how, but it better be addressed before tax dues reach a difficult burden on the taxpayer.

It will require an in depth review of future ways to revamp the school teaching techniques.

Methods that allow technology to reduce the need for teachers with new tech providing broader learning.

There is now a complacency that stagnates good judgement. We need a shakeup and consulting mindset to address the necessary changes of future needs.

It is going to rely on good judgement and a strain in prioritizing and budget restraint to hold down increments.

I do not see the task of frugality seeping in to any budget control of future spending, but I hope the seed is planted and rational results will prevail.

Jack Kavanaugh

(Editor’s Note: Wilmington Apple has not yet independently confirmed that Wilmington had the highest residential tax increase in the state in 2015.  The Boston Globe has reported, however, that Wilmington did see the highest residential tax increase in the state between 2012 and 2016, with a 32.6% increase for the average single family tax bill over those five years.  The increase is due, in large part, to the construction of the new high school.)

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4 thoughts

    1. That doesn’t make it any easier to pay these tax bills.
      Our tax rate went up as well as our values so our tax bills go up even more. We are getting taxed right out of town. Our tax bill is darn near $ 9,000.00 now.
      We don’t have kids in school or a dog for a dog park or the
      need for a new field. When will the spending stop!!

  1. Frightened resident, I find it hard to believe that your house tax bill is that high AND you are at your wits’ end. Your home must be worth upwards of $600k by my math, far higher than the average home in Wilmington. Also, it’s not others’ “fault” in this town that you don’t have kids or a dog in your household, and spending happens in all communities. It’s called investing in the community’s future.

  2. Why can’t they reduce seniors property tax like Georgia does
    Give a bigger tax to all these big high building owners that
    No longer occupy their buildings all over town
    No we allow newer buildings. Smart don’t occupy what’s empty just
    Build new and allow big time people to go empty and don’t pay the property
    Tax. Come together people and figure a way to cut taxes. Kevin was right
    Th new school was going to screw us and now your all complaining some people
    Don’t like the truth now look at us

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