Rep. Jim Miceli: Wilmington To Receive $13.75 Million In State FY18 Budget

BOSTON, MA — State Representative James Miceli, joined by his colleagues in the Legislature, voted Friday to pass the Fiscal Year 2018 budget conference committee report for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a critical step in finalizing the proposed spending for the state. The legislative budgeting process culminated after several months of lengthy hearings, meetings, and drafts which resulted in a budget totaling $$40,202 billion, up from 39.245 billion the year before. Taking into account the unforeseen revenue shortfall of the past year the budget was examined extremely closely, with many Representatives protecting valuable dollars for their communities.

“I am pleased with the results of this budget, both with respect to our communities of Wilmington and Tewksbury, as well as the Commonwealth as a whole.” said Representative Miceli upon its passing. “We worked hard to ensure that the budget was balanced and responsible, but still avoids cutting support for important local programs, such as the special needs summer program in Tewksbury known as Camp Pohelo. Also included in this year’s budget is some language that directly assists Tewksbury State Hospital, one of our Town’s largest employers, by allowing it to continue its excellent service to our community by legally protecting the number of patient beds available, and ensuring there are no reductions from the previous years.  I am also proud to share that this year’s budget again includes assistance to the Tewksbury-based Into Action Recovery program, for the purchase and renovation of an opiate addiction treatment facility.”

$200,000 is slated for repairs to the North St Elementary School roof, which suffered extensive damage from previous winter storms and natural aging. The money will also go to use in repairing the schools heating and boiler system, allow the school to be fully utilized until longer-term solutions are implemented. An additional $100,000 has been earmarked by Representative Miceli for Into Action Recovery, the Tewksbury non-profit aimed at opening a cutting-edge recovery facility to fight opioid abuse and alcoholism. Thanks to yet another amendment filed, Camp Pohelo, the summer camp operated by the Tewksbury Public schools known for assisting students with cognitive, social, and physical hurdles, will receive $25,000 for continued operations in the coming fiscal year.

The budget contains a number of additional sources of financial relief both for Tewksbury and Wilmington, as well as monies for unrestricted local government ad and education funding. In the area of education funding, Tewksbury is set to receive $13,119,905 in educational assistance, up from $13,012,055 while Wilmington is scheduled to receive a total of $11,270,330 up from $10,978,730 the previous year. Tewksbury’s unrestricted local aid rose to $2,780,480 up from $2,676,112, and Wilmington rose to $2,484,126 up from $2,390,882. The Tewksbury Fire Department will also receive $90,000 in funding for reimbursement for services provided to the Tewksbury State Hospital.

(NOTE: The above press release is from State Rep. Jim Miceli’s Office.)

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