LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident Concerned About Gas Station Proposal, Cites Safety & Traffic Fears

Dear Editor,

Regarding Global Partners mega gas station and plaza development at the corner of West Street and Lowell Street, I want to add that there are already frequent drug transactions happening at the Mobil Mart at that corner. The convenient proximity to Route 93 and Route 95 makes for easy access by transients seeking to participate in this sort of activity. The Wilmington Police Department have been called upon numerous times to remove needles and drug paraphernalia from the Mobil Mart rest rooms. At the Board of Appeal Meeting, it was noted that home break-ins have increased in that area, and I know of one neighbor on West Street, less than a quarter mile from the Lowell Street/West Street intersection that had their front door kicked in mid-week, in broad daylight. Thankfully, they have an alarm system that alerted them (while they were at work), and that alerted the Wilmington Police. I think anyone watching the evening news realizes how drug use and desparation has increased crime everywhere.

The neighbors know that some sort of business will likely be put in place at that area. I believe a professional office complex or another day care facility that would be closed at night and likely only partially open during weekends would not be so intrusive as the Global proposal which will be attracting transients and open and highly lite 24/7.

I live on Westdale Avenue, off of West Street, and already find it nearly impossible to make a left turn onto West Street, as there is no left arrow turn on that side of the intersection, and there are sometimes 2, 3, and 4 trucks lined up waiting to make an opposite left turn onto West Street and then onto Industrial Way. It makes it impossible to see the cars driving straight through the intersection, because the trucks obscure your vision into that lane. When I shop at the Lucci’s plaza, I usually drive in the opposite direction on West Street, and take Woburn Street to Lucci’s, and reverse that route to home, because it is safer to navigate.

I see no benefit to the residents of Wilmington by providing yet another gas station in town, let alone a gas station with a restaurant open 24/7. The families that live in Precinct 3 feel that our section of town has been forgotten. The sidewalks and sidewalk improvements (trees planted) stop at Woburn Street, and there are already enough commercial enterprises along Lowell Street. Also, Precinct 3 doesn’t have the same State Representative as the rest of Wilmington, so we are very thankful for the show of support by Wilmington’s State Representative, Jim Micelli, and Attorney Bob Peterson, Sr.

Thanks for hearing me out,

Jan Duggan (lifelong resident of Wilmington)

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