LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Residents Sound Off Against Proposed Global Gas Station Development

To Wilmington Board of Selectmen, Wilmington Planning Board, Wilmington Board of Appeals:

As residents of Wilmington MA, we are writing to implore you to stop the Global Partners mega gas station and plaza development at the corner of West Street and Lowell Street.

This highway rest-stop-size gas station would drop a high-traffic business into an already strained, overburdened and failing intersection – putting our safety at risk and further adding congestion to our roadways.  In addition, forcing this project into a residential neighborhood will devalue property; add noise, light and air pollution and negatively impact the appearance at an important gateway to our town.

Lastly, the process that has taken place to date has lacked the transparency and scrutiny that a project of this size requires – raising suspicions and concerns as to what may be happening behind the scenes to accommodate this large out-of-town corporation.

We, the undersigned, urge you to put Wilmington families first and oppose the proposed Global Partners gas station development.  Please represent the views of current taxpaying residents and not bend to the will of an out of town Fortune 500 Company that doesn’t have our town’s best interest in mind.


Thomas & Sheri Bouchie
Kevin Clark
W. Coffill
Michelle Conde
Ashley Crosby
Thomas Dalton
Michelle DeMeo
Barbara Doucette
Forrest G. Downs, Jr.
Stephen Doyle
Marlon Felisberk
Silverio Ferreira
Stephen Gardner
Denise Hanson
Michael Herren
Joseph Kelley
Bill Mason
Lissa Randell
David Stokes
Kevin Sullivan

(Editor’s Note: There were an additional 5 names signed to the letter that I was unable to read. My apologies!)

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