Wilmington’s McDonald’s Looking To Renovate, Add 2nd Drive-Thru Lane

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington’s McDonald’s, located at 212 Main Street, will soon be getting a facelift.

Pending Town Planning Board approval, McDonald’s will be making several interior and exterior improvements this summer and fall.

Eric Dubrule, Assistant Projector Manager at Bohler Engineering, was recently in front of the town’s Community Development Technical Review Team to review the proposal.

The building will be renovated to improve its appeal.  The dining room, lobby, and restrooms will all receive significant upgrades.  The number of seats in the restaurant will likely remain the same, but the seating layout will become more handicap accessible.  Additionally, sidewalks next to the building will be brought into ADA compliance.

A second drive-thru lane and ordering point will be added to improve efficiency and reduce “stacking.”  To facilitate the creation of second lane, a row of parking will be moved closer to the building.


Planning Director Valerie Gingrich suggested that the handicapped parking spots be shifted further away from the drive-thru ordering points, concerned that if several vehicles were in line waiting to place an order, the handicapped spaces would be blocked.  Gingirch also requested to see a proposed floor plan and additional information about the restaurant’s loading practices.

Town Engineer Paul Alunni asked Dubrule to look into altering the curb cut of the entrance so that drivers turning left into the parking lot (southbound on Route 38) have an easy turn.  Any curb change would need to be approved by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

If the renovation is to proceed, the project would be completed in phases to try to minimize the impact on McDonald’s customers (e.g., driving thru might be open while the dining room is closed and vice versa).  A similar project is currently underway at the McDonald’s on Route 38 in Tewksbury, near the Tewksbury Country Club.

McDonald’s will be in front of the Wilmington Planning Board for site plan review and various permit requests at its July 11 meeting.

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