PHOTO: Wilmington Girls Grade 5-1 Team Wins Danvers Invitational Tournament

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Girls Grade 5-1 team attended the Danvers Invitational Tournament over Memorial Day weekend.

The Wildcats played three games over Saturday and Sunday.

First game was played on a beautiful Saturday afternoon against Marblehead Marauders.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie with Riley Rourke scoring the lone goal off a pass from teammate Shaylan Bresnahan.  Ali Doherty was awarded the sportsmanship medal for this match.  Second game was played shortly after against Danvers Velocity.  The game ended in a 3-1 win for the Wildcats with goals scored by Julia Archer, Nicole Morello and Alli Ganley.  Alli Ganley was awarded the sportsmanship medal for the game.

Sunday’s matchup was game against the North Reading Attack.  This team was fantastic competition for the Wildcats and ended in a scoreless game 0-0.  Emily Grace was awarded the sportsmanship medal for the game.

The Wildcats ended up placing second in the standings after the first round of matches and moving onto the Semifinals games on Monday.

Monday’s game was an intense matchup against the Danvers Lady Falcons.  Shaylan Bresnahan scored the first goal off of a rocket corner kick to bring the score to 1-0.  Danvers tied the game up shortly after to make it 1-1.  The game ended in a tie at 1-1 which took the Wildcats into OT with having to play a full two 5 minute halves.  Julia Archer quickly scored after the start of the OT off of a fantastic pass from Molly MacDonald to give the Wildcats the lead.  With much game time left in the game the Danvers Lady Falcons tied up the game to make it 2-2.  With the clock running out the Wildcats were forced to head into a shootout. This was the first shootout experience for the Wildcats and the pressure was intense!   The first Wildcats penalty kick was scored by Ali Doherty to make it 1-0.  Danvers quickly came back to tie it up at 1-1.  Nicole Morello was up for the Wildcats and scored the game winning PK to give the Wildcats the win at 3-2.  Nicole Morello’s was Wilmington’s goal keeper in net and gave a rock-solid performance.  The Wildcats advanced onto the finals and traveled to Danvers High School.

The Wildcats played in the finals against the Beverly Mountain Lions.  The Wildcats dominated this match with intense play from all the players.  Two goals each were scored by Molly MacDonald and Ashley Mercier.  The final score was 4-0 Wildcats to win the Blue Division of the Danvers Invitational Tournament.  The Wildcats had outstanding keepers all weekend that gave an impressive performance under high pressure situations that included: Riley Rourke, Ali Doherty, Emily Doherty, Grace Walsh, Lily MacKenzie, Alli Ganley, Ashley Mercier, Nicole Morello and Julia Archer.

Congratulations to all girls on this team for their awesome game play throughout the Memorial Day weekend.  A big thank you to the Wildcat parents for cheering us on and their support.  The team is coached by Melissa Doherty and Mike Mercier.


Front (left to right): Lily MacKenzie, Jessie Martinson, Molly MacDonald, Ashley Mercier, Alli Ganley, Ali Doherty and Tricia Stevens. Back (left to right) Coach Melissa Doherty, Nicole Morello, Emily Doherty, Grace Walsh, Julia Archer, Shaylan Bresnahan, Lexi Engvaldsen, Emily Grace, Riley Rourke and Coach Mike Mercier.  Missing from the tourney is teammate Lauryn Parr.

(NOTE: The above was submitted by Coach Melissa Doherty.)

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