Wilmington Little League’s Latest Game Summaries

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are a couple of recent Wilmington Little League game summaries:

AA: Giants vs. Astros — Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Astros & Giants played a low-scoring but high quality game on Thursday. Joe Fennelly, Justin Fricia, Connor Sullivan, Erin McCarthy, and John Roofe pitched for the Astros, each striking out at least one batter. Fricia had his best outing ever as he pumped in strikes consistently. They were supported by the team’s best overall defensive effort of the year, including excellent fielding by Evan Cummings, Kyle Bridge, Quinn Stockman, Kevin Pruslin, and Chris DeFilippo, as well as Fricia, Roofe, McCarthy, Sullivan, and Fennelly themselves. There were a lot of great swings and contact, including a solid single by McCarthy and yet another shot by Stockman who’s been raking all year. Some of the hard-hit outs were just as impressive but the strong fielding by the Giants limited the Astros’ baserunners. For the Giants, who kept the pressure on all game, pitchers Emrick O’Brien, Chase Heffernan, Dean Ciampa, Ronin Uftring, and fireballer Ryan Gray kept the Astros off balance throughout. Ethan Afthim, Jackson Guy, Cam Saija and Roman Synnott led the way on offense.

AA: Royals vs. Astros — Saturday, May 13, 2017

The AA Royals and Astros played a makeup game at the North.  The Royals’ Timmy Watson and Joey Cavanaugh threw scoreless innings.  Jake Carr exploded for three doubles and two runs scored while Ethan Lyndon and Luke Kitanov had RBIs.  Joey Fallis and Gabriel Lyndon played well in the field as did Dante McCollem who had two great catches in one inning.  The Astros’ Justin Fricia had another strong outing on the mound as did Mikey Taylor, James Passerini, Joey Fennelly, and John Roofe.  Kyle Bridge and Evan Cummings ripped impressive singles in the third joining Erin McCarthy, Quinn Stockman (yet again), Fricia, Connor Sullivan (2), Fennelly (2), Passerini (3), and Taylor (single & double) in the hit parade.  Passerini scored twice and McCarthy once as Bridge, Taylor, and Sullivan drove them in.  Alert fielding by Bridge and Kevin Pruslin kept the Royals from running wild and a lot of other plays were made by Fennelly, Fricia, Roofe, McCarthy, Stockman, Taylor, and Sullivan.

Wilmington Little League

(NOTE: Summaries provided by the Wilmington Little League.)

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