SCHOOL COMMITTEE RACE: Hewitt Makes Her Closing Argument

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple recently provided all six Wilmington School Committee candidates with one last opportunity to convince Wilmington Apple readers to support them at the ballot box this Saturday, April 22.

Below is the response from candidate Sabrina Hewitt.

Sabrina Hewitt

QUESTION: Make your closing argument. Why should Wilmington voters cast one of their two votes for you?


In answering your question, I will say this: I want every child in Wilmington to have the same chance at the amazing education I had. I know that I will have other duties and considerations, but first and foremost in my heart will be making sure our children aren’t forgotten when these decisions are being made. I want to assure that the Special Education Department is adequately staffed and funded, I want to make sure that bullying is treated as the serious epidemic that it is in this country, and I want last but not least, to assure that the LGBT students of this town are given the same chance to learn and grow that every other student is afforded.

One of the previous questions asked was about experience.  I don’t have the pedigree that some of my associates have, but I have spent 8 years working in Human Services, within group homes, and I have helped many children get further in their lives. I care deeply and I always have, and with my experience I feel I can truly help the children of this town as well.

I have lived in Wilmington for the majority of my life, and had the benefit of a Wilmington education, I had teachers that still  live in my memory and helped shape me to be the caring, well-read and happy person I am today. I want to make sure our children have this same chance. My own children, two boys, are grown now, but I do this for our next generation.

Thank you and please consider casting one of your two votes for me this Saturday, April 22nd.

Sabrina Hewitt for School Committee
Sabrina Hewitt

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