School Committee To “Press Pause” On Superintendent Search; Teachers Want Role In Process

WILMINGTON, MA – At its meeting last week, the Wilmington School Committee provided a brief, yet significant update on its Superintendent Search.

Chair Julie Broussard reaffirmed the Committee’s confidence in Interim Superintendent Paul Ruggiero, noted the Committee has decided to “pause” its search for a permanent superintendent, and asked the public for patience.

In addition, a letter from the Wilmington Teachers Association to the School Committee was read into the record.  In the letter, the teachers’ union expresses a strong desire to be allowed to provide input in the superintendent selection process.

Director of Administration & Finance Paul Ruggiero Named Interim Superintendent

“As was previous announced, the School Committee unanimously voted to appoint Mr. Paul Ruggiero as our Interim Superintendent,” began Broussard. “We are confident in his ability to lead us through our latest transition and we are extremely fortunate to have a talented and caring team of individuals that will help guide our district through the latest transition.”

School Committee To “Press Pause” On Search, Asks Public For Patience

“[Ruggiero’s appointment] does not mean we’re immediately restarting our search activities for the next superintendent,” announced Broussard. “The School Committee will meet again in the future to discuss the next steps related to this search.”

“Due to some of the transitions we’ve had, we’re pressing pause on any further search activity so we can have an opportunity to catch our breath,” Broussard later added.  “Also, the timing of the year is not the best to resume search activities. “

“I would encourage the community to stay with us.  Have patience with us.  We will keep you updated,” assured Broussard.

Wilmington Teachers Want A Say In Selecting The Next Superintendent

The WTA President recently sent the following letter to the Wilmington School Committee, which was read at the meeting:

Dear School Committee,

As you stated in your message to the staff, the heart of our system is the relationship between the children and their teachers.

The Wilmington Teachers Association completely agrees and exemplifies this belief in each decision it makes.

We understand that the Wilmington School Committee is tasked with the important job of selecting a new superintendent. The role of the superintendent is integral to the culture of the school system.  This culture dictates how teachers form relationships with their students.

The WTA, like you, shares the common interest of moving the district forward and welcoming a new leader. We feel that while the school committee is entrusted with the decision, it should be made with input from the educators.

Like you, we will be working with the new superintendent to meet current goals. We will be working to create new goals for the district. We understand this is an important decision, especially after the turbulent year that Wilmington Public Schools had had. We respect that this decision must be made by the School Committee.  We implore that you consider the input of the people that work with the students of Wilmington to create the heart of the Wilmington Public Schools.

“I appreciate the input that the WTA wishes to have and certainly appreciate & respect what they have to say,” responded Broussard.  “Stay tuned.”

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