LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Loud Wants What’s Best For The Townspeople

Dear Editor,

I write this letter in support of Edward Loud Sr., a candidate for the Wilmington Board of Selectman.

I’ve known Ed for over 30 years, and have observed who he is and how he deals with everyday life.  He is my son-in-law, but from the day he married my daughter Doreen, he has been in every way like a Son to me.  Like every family we have many roads traveled, we discuss many issues, problems, we offer advice to each other as the different circumstances present themselves.

I am fortunate to have added an apartment to his home.  My needs and those of my husband and mother before their passing have always been acknowledged, supported and dealt with because of  the love, caring, and support shown to us.  At times there were five generations at our home. Ed, my daughter, and their children, have been by our sides always, as well as my other daughter and son and their families who are Wilmington residents.

It is the love, compassion, and want to, that makes that happen.  So all you senior citizens, of which I am one, I know he will always be on your side and fight for our issues.

Another road that Ed has traveled is with the many Veterans in our family and friends, some have returned home with disabilities, so his firsthand knowledge for supporting them and their families is of major concern to Ed.

Among our family and friends, we have teachers, first responders, police, fire, and many in the medical field.  He shares their concerns, listens to their problems, and offers helpful solutions.

Ed is the father of three children, two in college and one dealing with the financial burden of higher education loans that poses a financial burden on our young adults today.

Respect of people of all ages and walks of life, Ed has served on the Board of Appeals for 14 years, currently serving as chairman . He has been on the Yentile Farm Development Committee, and on the Friends at 9 Cross Street Fundraising group.  He is a member of many other organizations. He has coached recreational sports in our town.

I know him as an independent thinker. He loves the town of Wilmington and wants only the best for the townspeople of all ages. He is appreciative of all the services the town provides, including the great Department of Public Works, the town officials and employees, to mention a few.

I hope you all get to know Ed as the great guy he is — Honest, straightforward, disciplined, and caring.  He uses common sense and facts when making decisions.  Every good deed and challenge comes from his heart.  If you have a question he will get the answer for you, he is always a phone call away.  I know this first hand, he will always have our backs.


If you are unable to drive to the polls, call me (978-658-2565) and I will make sure you get there as every vote counts!

Thank you,
Marilyn A Cox
Former member of the Wilmington Housing Authority

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