VIDEO: School Committee Candidate Kathi O’Donoghue Discusses Her Campaign with WCTV

WILMINGTON, MA — Town Moderator Robert Peterson Jr. recently interviewed Wilmington School Committee candidate Kathi O’Donoghue as part of WCTV’s 2017 Candidate Conversations series. (Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted prior to Paul Ruggiero being named Interim Superintendent.)

O’Donoghue, who has lived in town for nearly 10 years with her now 12 year-old son, is a middle school teacher with a principal’s license, a college professor, a mentor coordinator, and a longtime teacher union representative.

“I’ve had a wide range of experience with education.  I’ve been involved in education, on and off, for more than 30 years, including 20 in the classroom,” said O’Donoghue. “I thought I’d take that experience and knowledge I have and tune it to help the community that I’ve grown to love.”

O’Donoghue identifies hiring a new superintendent as the committee’s first and foremost goal. But she noted additional areas of concern.

“I see little holes in the curriculum,” said O’Donoghue, who noted she’s spoken with parents who find the curriculum not always aligned, “user friendly” or accessible for the kids.

O’Donoghue would also like to see the district usher in more technology into the classrooms.

“Ultimately, we want to produce 21st century workers and students who are career ready. Technology is a reality [to accomplish this goal],” she said.

O’Donoghue would bring her perspective as both a parent and teacher to the School Committee.  She believes the main roles of the school committee include hiring a superintendent, overseeing the school budget, navigating the issues of the moment, and listening to the concerns of parents.

O’Donoghue has established a campaign Facebook page.  She’s also recently spoken with the Lowell Sun.  She said she’s “out and about in the community” and is looking forward to speaking with voters.

Watch the 7-minute interview, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below:

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