VIDEO: Selectman Mike McCoy Discusses His Re-Election Bid with WCTV

WILMINGTON, MA — Town Moderator Robert Peterson Jr. recently interviewed Wilmington Selectman Mike McCoy as part of WCTV’s 2017 Candidate Conversations series.

McCoy discussed his deep roots in town — his former business, community involvement, family, and longtime involvement on the Board of Selectmen.

McCoy identifies the New England Transrail proposal at the Olin site and the opening of New Boston Street bridge as the “hottest issues” in town.  He describes his staunch opposition to both projects.

When asked to describe the role of the Board of Selectmen, McCoy answered “We’re the Executive Board. We’re the boss of the Town Manager and our boss is the residents of the town… We’re a part of a checks and balances system… We help guide [the town] in the right direction.”

McCoy noted that when it comes to campaigning, he’s takes “nothing for granted,” even when he’s a favorite in the race.

“I’ve served this community for 30 years — 27 of those years as an elected member of the Wilmington Board of Selectmen,” explained McCoy.  “The seat I possess is a temporary seat I possess for a period of only three years.  At the end of three years, it’s up to the residents of the town to decide whether I’m doing a good job or not.”

“My biggest asset is I’m accessible,” added McCoy.  “People know how to get a hold of me.  I go to their homes. I answer their calls.  I’m not afraid to talk to people.”

Watch the 10-minute interview, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below:

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