LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCoy Fires Back At Champoux, Stands By Allegation

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Selectman Mike Champoux’s letter to the editor dated 3/15/17.  He states that he’s responding to my letter to the editor dated 3/8/17.  He states “Mr. McCoy goes through a litany of calendar dates in suggesting that Selectman Judith O’Connell was somehow attempting to discourage would-be candidates from entering the race for the Wilmington Board of Selectman by delaying the announcement of her intentions to run or not.”  Mr. Champoux, I absolutely said that because it’s true.  It was nothing more than a dirty trick to allow Ed Loud to sneak in the back door and pull his papers out just late enough and get them in.  Mr. Champoux goes on and states that “Mr. McCoy has been campaigning as far back as November 2016 for an election that will be taking place in April of 2017, holding his own sign, others might interpret that as lack of confidence or, dare I say, pathetic.”  Mr. Champoux, you might think it’s pathetic, however, as a 27 year member of the Board of Selectmen, I have always campaigned early.  Standing alone is nothing new for me–I take it as a compliment that I’m not part of any political clique–very much unlike yourself.  If I were you, I’d rethink the use of the word pathetic and point it at the man in your mirror.  When I look in the mirror, I know I’m my own man.  The seat I sit in on the Board of Selectmen is a temporary seat which has to be earned every three years.  I take nothing for granted and will work hard and campaign whether I am the only person running or if there are ten other candidates. I am old school–I want people to see me, the candidate up for reelection, out in the open and being visible and approachable.  I’m right there. It’s called campaigning and doesn’t require a mass mailing over the internet to accomplish.

Mr. Champoux, you stated in your letter to the editor that you didn’t find out until Monday February 27 (yeah, right), Selectman O’Connell’s intention not to run for reelection several days before Mr. McCoy received his copy of the Town Crier.  Mr. Champoux, it was on March 1, 2017 just two days after you said you found out her intentions not to run.  Two days, not several.  Still pretty close to the deadline to submit nomination papers, on March 3, don’t you think?

In serving this town as a local official for 30 years, I thought I’d seen it all, but apparently I haven’t.  The low moves are getting lower.  This was a deliberate move by Selectwoman Judith O’Connell and her cronies, and you Mr. Champoux are one of them, to stack this board and to allow Mr. Ed Loud to sneak in through the back door right to his seat on the board of selectmen unless a miracle of miracles happens and Candidate Kevin MacDonald wins the seat intended for Ed Loud.

Let’s talk more about what’s pathetic.  Back on October 25, 2016, the Federal Government, the Surface Transportation Board held a public hearing with a professional stenographer to hear public comments from the citizens and the officials on whether to allow New England Trans Rail to open up for business on the Olin site.  Mr. Champoux, you were one of four selectmen present at the Middle School at that hearing.  I was the ONLY selectman to get up, speak directly to the federal agency that oversees TransRail activities, and stated why a permit should be denied to them opening on the Olin site on Eames Street.  You, Mr. Champoux–all you had to do was get up, walk 20 feet, grab the microphone and tell them why New England TransRail should not come to the Town of Wilmington.  But you didn’t.  Now THAT’s pathetic. You gave up a golden opportunity to have our voice as a town be heard in person, directly to the federal agency themselves, because everything was being recorded then and there.

Let’s talk even more about what’s pathetic.  On February 1, 2017 in Woburn City Hall, there was a public hearing held by the state–the Department of Transportation–to listen to comments in the opening of the New Boston Street Bridge off of Woburn Street.  I was the only selectman to appear and to speak out against the opening of the bridge.  You weren’t there, and that’s pathetic.  I stated at that meeting that I would make a motion at our next selectmen’s meeting dated February 13, 2017 to take a formal vote against the opening of that bridge.  We, as a town, were never invited by the city of Woburn to participate in a 25 percent stage hearing.  My motion didn’t even get a second.  You stated, along with Selectwoman O’Connell, that you thought by opening the bridge that it would help our businesses in our community by receiving meals tax money and other businesses would benefit.  I say what about the residents?  By that bridge opening, it will become a shortcut for traffic to cut through Woburn Street, Lowell Street, Butters Row and Chestnut Street, just to name a few.  I did support the opening of the bridge back in 2004, however, a lot has changed in the past 13 years.  I even brought up that I was opposed to the project at a selectmen’s meeting back in 2014 when there was talk about opening that bridge, after concerned residents approached me.  At the time, the town manager stated that there was no talk about that.  Back in April of 2016, Woburn went behind our backs and quietly got the ball rolling by starting the bridge project and is now at the 25% stage, we’ve made it a lot easier for New England TransRail to open for business in Wilmington if that bridge opens up.  At the hearing of the Surface Transportation Board in October of 2016, it was stated that if a permit is given for New England TransRail to open up on that site, there would be about 700 trucks coming on and off that site on a daily basis.  That’s beyond pathetic–that is downright disturbing.

Just FYI, Mr. Champoux, my rotary phone has a “send” button, which I am about to prove.  Should I need to respond to another of your foolish letters, because you love to hear yourself talk, I’ll go all out and buy a smart phone and will send the message “OMG, here’s what people say about you “Mike Champoux loves to hear himself talk at selectmen meetings and goes on and on about nothing and keeps the meeting going too long.  LOL.”  How’s that?  Just because I choose not to use technology as my primary means of communication with residents, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use it.  I simply prefer direct communication with people; I always have and always will and you can attempt to insult me for this all you want, but nothing is going to change.  My method of communication has worked well for the 30 years I’ve been a local official, 27 of those years as an elected selectman.  So to your insults I say “Go to hell.  Don’t tell me how to talk to people.”  How’s that for a communication?

Michael V. McCoy
Wilmington Selectman

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