UPDATE: Wilmington’s Sonic To Reopen This Spring

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington’s Sonic Drive-In, located at 220 Main Street, temporary closed on or around February 28.  It appers, however, that the restaurant won’t be closed for much longer.

Sonic Closed 1
Sign currently taped to the Front Door of Sonic Drive-In’s Wilmington location

New franchise owner Sunil B. Patel, of “Shree Prayosha Wilmington Inc.,” will be in front of the Wilmington Board of Selectmen this Monday night, March 13, seeking to obtain a common victualer license to operate the Sonic restaurant. (Read the meeting agenda HERE.)

If the request is granted, a re-opening is reportedly being planned for the spring.  Wilmington Apple will share any additional details that come out of the meeting as it pertains to the restaurant.

Some residents actually welcomed news of the closure.  A post on the Wilmington Apple’s Facebook page Friday announcing the temporary closure generated more than 100 comments. Many commentors were critical of Sonic’s slow service, and would have preferred to see a different restaurant takes its place. Recommendations ran the gamit, including the Boston Burger Company, Chipotle, KFC/Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, Wahlburger, Dairy Queen, DandiLyons, and (sarcasm) Dunkin Donuts.  Some even wished for a return of Mancini’s or for the construction of a Trader Joe’s grocery store.

Despite its current troubles, Wilmington’s Sonic opened in April 2010 to much fanfare. It was the chain’s second ever location in Massachusetts and a source of pride for some in town.  On a weeknight at 5:30pm, years ago, the restaurant’s parking lot would be filled to capacity or near-capacity.

The restaurant is abandoned today, but – in a couple of months – hopefully the new owner can, to borrow the expression, make Wilmington Sonic great again.

Sonic Closed 3
Sonic lot empty during temporary closing.
Sonic Closed 4
Sonic lot empty during temporary closing.

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One thought

  1. Unless they are going to be fully staffed with competent help, I see no reason for them to be open. Every time I have gone there recently, the service was horrible.
    The last time we went there we pulled up to booth and pushed button for service, nothing for over 5 min. So thinking something must be wrong with the speaker, we moved and rang the bell again. Nothing! The only way we got service was to go thru the drive thru and there was one person working!! Do you think she could have answered the bell and said to come thru the drive thru. Unless that’s going to change, no reason to return!!

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