Wilmington’s Sonic Is CLOSED (At Least For Now)

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington’s Sonic Drive-In, located at 220 Main Street, is closed.

According to a sign on the restaurant’s door, the closure isn’t permanent.

Sonic Closed 1
Sign currently taped to the Front Door of Sonic Drive-In’s Wilmington location

A call to the restaurant’s phone number — 978-658-5400 —  revealed the number is temporarily out of service.

An email to owner Rob Webb — rwebb[at]bostonsonic[dot]com — bounced back.

An internet search turned up a job opening for General Manager of the Wilmington restaurant, posted on or around January 1.

A call and email to Sonic’s corporate offices have gone unanswered, as has a tweet to Sonic’s Twitter account and a post on Sonic’s Facebook page.

Boston Restaurant Talk reported news of the closing on March 9, 2017 , which was subsequently shared by NBC Boston.  Wilmington residents, however, have been discussing the location’s scaled back hours and eventual closing for the past several weeks on social media.

According to customer comments on the Wilmington Community Board’s Facebook Page, it appears the restaurant closed its doors on or around February 28, 2017.

Not all residents are missing Sonic.  The Wilmington location’s Yelp page is filled with scathing reviews and recurring complaints of inadequate staffing levels, slow service, and long wait times.  Negative reviews (1 or 2 stars) outnumber positive reviews (4 or 5 stars) by more than a 1:6 ratio.

Despite its current troubles, Wilmington’s Sonic opened in April 2010 to much fanfare. It was the chain’s second ever location in Massachusetts and a source of pride for some in town.  On a weeknight at 5:30pm, years ago, the restaurant’s parking lot would be filled to capacity or near-capacity.  Today, the restaurant is abandoned:

Sonic Closed 3Sonic Closed 4

Do you already miss those Sonic shakes, Wilmington?  Sonic can be also be found in Peabody (55 Newbury Street), Lawrence (100 Winthrop Avenue), Springfield (1057 Boston Road), Stoughton (630 Washington Street), and Somerset (707 Grand Army Highway).

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