Selectmen Approve Rules For Yentile Farm Recreational Facility (Carry In, Carry Out; No Dogs)

WILMINGTON, MA — At its Monday night meeting, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen approved the use policy for the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility, set to open on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

The policy can be read HERE.

Highlights of the rules set forth in the policy include:

  • The facility will be “carry in, carry out.” There will be no trash barrels on the premises.
  • There will be no dogs (or any other domestic animals) allowed on the premises.
  • No smoking, tobacco products, or alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • No grilling in the common areas. (Grilling is only allowed at the Concession Stand by permittees with a permit from the Board of Health.)
  • Feeding of wildlife is prohibited.
  • The park is regularly open from dawn to 10pm. (An exception will be made if the turf field has been permitted for a later event.)
  • Vehicles must parked in one of the 109 assigned parking spaces. No overnight parking.
  • Users must yield for maintenance personnel.  Maintenance will generally occur on the weekdays.
  • No fundraising activities for for-profit organizations are allowed.

The permit request form to reserve the facility’s turf field/concession stand can be found HERE.  (No other portion of the facility can be reserved and will be treated as first-come, first-serve.)

For incorporated/formal organizations requesting a permit to use the turf field, a certificate of liability insurance must be submitted naming the Town of Wilmington as an “additional insured,” certifying a minimum of $1 million (single)/$2 million (aggregate) public liability and $1 million personal injury insurance.

For any unincorporated/informal organizations requesting a permit to the use the turf field, a letter to the Recreation Director stating the lack of insurance must be submitted. Such organizations will be required to sign a statement releasing and discharging the town and their offices, agents and employees from liability.

The rules for the turf field and concession stand, and the use priority order for the turf field, can also be found in the use policy HERE.

Permits will be issued according to the following User Priority List:

  1. Wilmington Recreation Department Programs
  2. Wilmington Youth Sports Groups – must be a non-profit Wilmington organization benefitting Wilmington children
  3. Wilmington resident groups
  4. Other Wilmington Non-Profit Community Groups (with 60% or more Wilmington residents)
  5. Wilmington Public Schools
  6. Wilmington residents with requests for non-profit organizations with Wilmington members (with 25% or more Wilmington residents)
  7. Non-profit groups with fewer than 25% Wilmington residents
  8. For-profit entities with fewer than 25% Wilmington residents

If two or more permits are requested for the same season, priority will be given as follows:

  • Fall — Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Other
  • Winter — Lacrosse, Soccer, Other
  • Spring — Soccer, Other

Policy Can Be Tweaked

Before the use policy was approved, several Selectmen and Town Manager Jeff Hull acknowledged that the policy may need to be tweaked after implementation based on feedback from staff, permittees and the public.

The Wilmington Recreation Commission okayed the policy prior to the Selectmen’s vote.

About Yentile Farm Recreational Facility

The 9-acre park will be a destination for all ages and interests. It includes a multi-purpose artificial turf field and combined basketball/street hockey courts. It has walking paths, an event green for open recreation and large community activities, and game tables for passive recreational use. In the heart of the site is a signature playground for multiple ages, restrooms and concessions, and a picnic pavilion that provides shade while enjoying a meal or snack. The site includes 109 parking spaces to accommodate visitors throughout the season.

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