Wilmington Educational Foundation Awards Grant To Support Mindfulness Curriculum For Shawsheen 2nd Graders

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Educational Foundation (WEF) recently awarded the Shawsheen Elementary School with a grant to support its new “Mindfulness Curriculum.”

The donation allowed all of the school’s second grade students to receive mindfulness training twice a week for 8 weeks during the Spring of 2016.  The aim was to teach students how to be in the present moment no matter what internal or external experiences arise.

At the end of the training, teachers reported students had an improved focus in the classroom, an improved ability to calm down when upset, and improved decision making.

“I found that students can now stay on task longer. They learned how to think before reacting to situations,” one teacher reported. “Student frustration levels are lower and shorter because they now had strategies to use to calm themselves. The training changed the class atmosphere to a much more positive one.”

“I really liked it because I can now calm my body and mind to think more,” remarked one student after the training. “It helped me concentrate more and finish my work on time.”

The donation also allowed the Shawsheen to hold two parent workshops for elementary school families.  One workshop focused on parents discussing overarching goals for their children (e.g. autonomy, empathy for others, self-care, respect for others).  The other focused on the role parenting plays in the behavioral and academic success of children.

Both workshops were successfully. Turnout was strong with more than 30 parents in attendance at both.  Parent feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Childcare was provided at each workshop.

“We truly appreciate this funding through the WEF,” says Principal Lisa King, who hopes to receive additional grant funding this school year to teach the curriculum to her other grades.

Established in 1999, WEF is a non-profit organization committed to supporting innovation and excellence in the Wilmington public school system. WEF’s goal is to enhance and increase educational opportunities for all Wilmington students by providing funds for innovative programs that are not otherwise funded through the school district’s budget.

To learn more about WEF, please visit http://www.wilmingtonedfoundation.org. WEF can also be found on Facebook (www.facebook.com/wilmingtoneducaitonalfoundation) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/wefwilmington). WEF can be reached via email at wilmingtonedfoundation@gmail.com.

Theresa Wiggins from Village Parenting training Shawsheen 2nd graders on mindfulness. (Photo credit: Lisa King)

(NOTE: The above press release is from the Wilmington Educational Foundation.)

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