LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Miceli Still Gets The Job Done, Deserves Your Vote On November 8

Dear Editor,

As a long-time Wilmington resident, working both in the public and private sector over my years across the state, I have had an unique perspective on many issues happening in town and in Massachusetts. Wilmington has grown and developed tremendously, as well as Massachusetts, and our small town has now become a wonderful suburb with new and challenging issues. Despite the changing times, however, Wilmington has had one great resource that has been constantly unwavering and consistent. That resource is our richly experienced State Representative James Miceli, who is currently seeking reelection for another term on November 8th.

Starting on the planning board and then quickly moving onto the Selectboard, Representative Miceli has since been our continuously serving State Representative for many years, and continues to serve with the same effectiveness day after day. He is aware and ahead on our major issues locally and state-wide, moving quickly to address any issue. When Wilmington and Tewksbury home and business owners were threatened to have their properties encroached upon by a natural gas pipeline, Representative Miceli met with company officials to urge a better path only days after the plans were released, weeks before any other officials did. And when it comes to everyday issues, impacting only my family and I or maybe my street at most? He shows the same attention and passion in helping resolve the problems that we face. I know with a phone call I may reach him, and not a recording, to voice my concerns and seek help if need be.

With 2016 being a major election year, especially for our federal delegation, I urge people to elect and again send Representative Miceli to our state house. They may rest easy knowing that they have an experienced, educated, and determined man voting in their best interests on any issues, be it affecting their neighborhood, the town, or the state. His record speaks for itself, and is open to anyone to see. For those voting early, starting October 24th, or for those like me heading to the ballot box November 8th, I say elect Representative Miceli so he may continue doing a superb job.


Gary DePalma

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