VIDEO: Martins Brook In Wilmington Is Completely Dry

WILMINGTON, MA — On Saturday, North Reading Lawrence Soucie took video of a completely dry Martins Brook at Route 62 in Wilmington.

“This has a watershed area over 10 square miles,” wrote Soucie.  “The Skug River upstream of Martins Pond and the Ipswich Rver downstream have flow, so it seems odd that Martins Brook is dry.  Both North Reading and Wilmington have drinking water supply wells in this area and that may be contributing to the river being dry.  This is a reason why we need to turn off the automatic lawn watering systems, and in fact, stop all outdoor water use.

Watch Lawrence’s 1-minute video below, shared with permission:

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One thought

  1. This stream runs through property occupied by 3 companies that use aggregate in one way or another. Is it possible that they use the water from this stream in some way?

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