State Rep. Candidate Paul Girouard Announces Opposition To Legalizing Marijuana

NOTE: Paul Girouard is a candidate for State Representative for the 21st Middlesex District (Burlington, Bedford and Precinct 3 in Wilmington).

BURLINGTON, MA — Paul Girouard, candidate for State Representative, recently announced that he is opposed to further legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts.

“I am joining with many of our public safety officials in opposing the ballot question to legalize pot,” said Girouard. “As a father, I want to make it harder for children to obtain substances that can be abused, not easier. We should not allow the marijuana industry to sell highly potent edible products in Massachusetts, especially when we are dealing with an addiction crisis in our state.”

Edible pot products currently account for about 50% of the sales in Colorado, and the Massachusetts ballot question, which was written by and for the marijuana industry, allows these products and places no potency limit on them.

Over the past few years Massachusetts voters supported making pot legal for medical use and decriminalizing personal usage. This November, voters will have the choice on further legalizing pot in Massachusetts as the state of Colorado has done. Girouard will be voting no on question 4.

Opposition to question 4 has been growing. 119 legislators oppose it along with the Massachusetts Sheriffs Association, all Massachusetts District Attorneys, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police, the Massachusetts Hospital Association, the Massachusetts Medical Society and the Association of School Superintendents.

Girouard is specifically concerned about a dangerous provision within the ballot question which will allow the making and distribution of candy type products, which naturally are an enticement to children. “We cannot add to the problem by selling pot in the form of gummy bears and other candies,” said Girouard.

Colorado recently passed a law banning the production and sale THC-infused edibles resembling the form of animals, people, and fruit due to the dramatic increase in accidental marijuana poisonings of young children and toddlers.

Girouard is disappointed that incumbent Ken Gordon is not listed as one of the 119 legislators opposing the ballot question.  “For the sake of our children, I hope that he will reconsider and stand with public safety officials and concerned parents in this matter,” added Girouard.

(NOTE: The above press release is from the Girouard campaign.)

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One thought

  1. Most of the articles I have read that are against legalizing marijuana seem to have the same basic flaw in their logic. They pretend like alcohol does not exist. They can’t see forest because they are focused on a tree/plant. The forest being the use of drugs of all types. If one is serious about reducing drug use, then all drugs including alcohol should be illegal. Alcohol is not only more addictive than marijuana, it also is more dangerous and has more costly health issues, which the public pays for. Legalized alcohol also sends a mixed message to our youth.
    So based on the reality that alcohol is not going to become illegal again, we should be comparing marijuana use to alcohol use.
    Now let look at the common arguments against marijuana legalization:
    Alcohol and Marijuana both effect the adolescent brains in the same way.
    Alcohol is 50% more addictive than marijuana.

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