Wilmington’s Benevento Cements Its Support For Trump With Logos On Trucks

(NOTE: The below press release is from John Nicastro.)

WILMINGTON, MA — If you drive the highways and byways of greater Boston and the North Shore, then you’ve seen these trucks before.

The name “Benevento” has been synonymous with major building projects since the company was founded in Peabody in 1934. Hard work, honesty, and integrity, were mixed into every block of concrete manufactured and delivered by the trucks that bare the Benevento brand. After 80 years in business and three generations of family ownership, these values were not lost on the present owner, Charles Benevento, whose father and grandfather handed them down as part of a proud family legacy that will continue with the next generation of Benevento’s.

Charles Benevento believes that these same values are embodied in the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. In fact, he is so certain that Mr. Trump is the right choice for the country that he’s branding his new fleet of trucks with the “Trump/Pence” logo, along with the slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

“Mr. Benevento is taking it upon himself to spread a message he believes in and using the power of free speech to help deliver that message,” said spokesman Johnny Ray. “Critics may differ on the substance of the message but one thing is for sure, a display of conviction like this is unprecedented by a local businessman, and Mr. Benevento is ready to accept whatever the reactions may be.”

“Right now the country needs leadership, and someone who knows how to run a business,” said Benevento. “The Benevento Companies have survived all these years because we believe in the fundamental values that are the birthright of every American. My ancestors came to this country from Italy to be successful and work within the framework of those values and we continue to work hard to do so. Something happened over the past several years that has steered the country away from these basic values and I believe in the message that we need to ‘Make America Great Again,’ and move the country in a different direction. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help deliver that message.”

The new fleet is certainly impressive. With the Trump brand emblazoned on the side of the trucks, they do have a unique swagger as they roll down the highways. The impact the message may have on the roadways and the voting booths remains to be seen, but if the success and reputation of the Benevento family name is any indication of what the outcome might be in November, people better get used to saying “President Trump.”

Trump Pence
Benevento showing their support for Donald Trump

(NOTE: The above press release is from John Nicastro.)

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5 thoughts

  1. As an employee of Benevento Concrete Co. and a Trump/Pence supporter I can’t even begin to express how delighted I was to see the new trucks when they got their colors. I would surely drive one of them with pride and hope the drivers that do get assigned to them do.

  2. Still feel that way after Trump’s call for “Second Amendment people” to deal with Hillary Clinton? Of course you do.

  3. Of course I do. I believe he truly meant for people that support the 2nd. amendment to not vote for her. You of course are free to believe and say whatever you want under the 1st. amendment until Hillary takes that constitutional right away from you also.

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