SELECTMEN NEWS: Butters Farmhouse To Be Sold, Town Counsel Renewed

WILMINGTON, MA — A great deal was discussed at last week’s Board of Selectmen Meeting and Wilmington Apple has covered it all:

Here are FIVE additional highlights that were covered at the meeting:

1.) Selectmen unanimously ratified a 1-year contract with Town Counsel John Foskett of Deutsch, Williams, Brooks, DeRensis & Holland.  The firm will receive an increase in its retainer amount from $300,000 to $305,000. All other contract details are identical to those in prior contracts.

2. Selectmen unanimously approved the appointment of attorney Frank Ingram, a former Wilmington Conservation Commissioner, to be a Constable.

3. Selectmen received an update on the sale of the Butters Farmhouse.  The Town was unable to find a real estate agent to assist in selling the antique home, so it is going it alone with assistance from Historic New England.  The Town has developed a preservation deed restriction for the home, which was approved by the Wilmington Historical Commission in April and will presumably be approved by Historic New England later this month.  The new owners will be required to maintain the building’s exterior facade, footprint, height, roof pitch, central chimney & fireplace, central frame (including primary members), and various interior details and features within the house.

Once the preservation restrictions are approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission this summer, the Town will release a Request for Proposal for the disposition of the home in late August.  The town currently estimates the sale price to bet $40,000-$90,000.  Revenue from the sale will be placed in the town’s Capital Stabilization Fund. The town will also pay a $45,000 endowment fee to Historic New England, plus $1,500 for a necessary photography study of the property.

4. Selectmen received information on Reading Municipal Light Department’s recently launched “Shave The Peak” campaign.

5. Selectmen also received information on the recent water testing results in Wilmington schools, which revealed 4 of the 52 water taps sampled had led levels slightly above the EPA’s “action levels.”  Selectmen were provided with Superintendent Mary DeLai’s announcement and the Board of Health’s statement.

Watch the entire meeting below, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television:

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