Public Buildings Superintendent George Hooper Interviewed On WCTV’s ‘Town Topics’

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Community Television recently premiered its fifth episode of “Town Topics,” where Executive Director Shaun Neville interviews Town Department heads and key town officials.

In the latest episode, Neville speaks with Wilmington’s Department of Public Buildings Superintendent George Hooper about the town’s ongoing Facilities Master Plan process.  During the 12-minute interview, questions asked include:

  • How did the Facilities Master Plan come about? What’s the goal?
  • Which buildings will be included in the plan?
  • What’s happening at the meeting on June 29th?  Will the public be allowed to give input?
  • Has there been any themes emerging from the feedback though the public surveys?
  • What are the next steps in the process before the plan in finalized in December?
  • When would the first project break ground?
  • Has a plan like this ever been done before in Wilmington?
  • If you could preserve 1 building in town to still be standing in 100 years, which one would it be?

Watch the episode below:

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