SOUND OFF: Readers Upset With New Lights At Middlesex, Glen & Wildwood

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple asked readers for feedback on the new traffic lights installed at the intersections of Glen Road, Middlesex Avenue and Wildwood Street.

The responses, which came primarily via Facebook, were overwhelmingly negative.

A sample of responses are below:

  • “Couldn’t of screwed [up] that intersection any worse” – Ben K.
  • “Traffic was brutal on Friday there. Never seen it that backed up before.” – Matthew J.
  • “Terrible. I’m sure it safer but it’s an absolute disaster with all of the traffic.” – Bianca C.
  • “I never thought that intersection was dangerous before, now I think it’s horrible. It’ll just be more traffic on side roads as people try to avoid the area. Would have been nice to put a sensor on Glen Rd so if there are no cars (like twice I saw today that I used it), the rest of the traffic on a main road wouldn’t have to wait.” – Terri S.
  • “I am no expert on designing lights and regulating the flow of traffic. However I have been driving for almost 50 years. I was horrified waiting in line at the lights when I looked to the right and saw a bicycle lane between the lane I was in and the lane taking a right to go down Glen Road. That is insane! It is a tragedy waiting to happen. It is difficult enough to drive let alone having a bike coming up in between you and the lane of traffic taking a right to go down Glen Road. It needs to be eliminated.” – Bill L.
  • “It is a total cluster. The timing of the lights is a complete disaster. I am hopeful it is going oh to be tweaked, but I’m sure that will take forever. Any of you that live on any of the secondary roads in the area…be prepared for a lot more traffic with people trying to avoid this crap. And why are there bike lanes there? Are there any dedicated bike lanes leading to the area from any direction? Is it just for going from the library to the lights and back? Wilmington is not Cambridge…yet. Smh” – Gerard B.
  • “Why the ‘no turn on red’ at the intersection of Glen to Rte 62? and then when it turns green it’s only to be immediately greeted by another red at Wildwood. If there is a logical reason I would appreciate it – otherwise it’s non-productive.” – Sue B.
  • “Took me 45 minutes to get down Concord St @4:30 on a Thursday and an additional 15 minutes to get through the lights…I get their importance but they need to be more in sync with Concord St.” – Patty D.
  • “Timing is DEFINITELY off and could use sensors as it backs up traffic. Wildwood should be able to turn right on red IF they are going straight down 62.” – Maureen S.
  • “15 minutes from tracks on Concord Street to the Common. I could walk faster.” – Sarah S.
  • “Awful. I live on Middlesex Avenue. If it wasn’t hard enough to leave my house already, it’s doubled now at least.” – Chris K.
  • “Horrible! It’s worse than ever!” – Donna P.
  • “Not workin out like I think they wanted it to…” – Sharon B.
  • “It’s terrible you go from one red light to another!” – Kim W.
  • “Nothing like waiting in a line of cars on Wildwood, on a Saturday, only to have the light turn green long enough for three cars to get through. Pathetic.” – Michael F.
  • “There is always Exit 38. I would rather deal with the Traffic at Firestone than deal with Concord St. Right now!!!” – Anthony S.
  • “I hate the new light! It adds 10 minutes to my commute to work because of the traffic it causes at that intersection as well as the Middlesex Ave and Concord St intersection!!” – Katelyn
  • “Terrible idea. Now you’re backed up all the way past the light at Federal Street and when the light turns, only about 4 cars are able to go before it turns again… That “bike lane” is basically suicide. Yes, let’s have bikers go right down the middle of two lanes of cars… Waste of time and money. Not just the town’s time, but every driver that has to pass through that intersection. Way to go.” – Meghan
  • “In the 20 yrs that I’ve lived on Middlesex Ave I’ve never seen traffic back up this bad. I think it was a waste of money, it’s not going to improve anything.” – Eddie B.
  • “I will avoid this intersection at all costs during rush hour. The traffic is terrible.” – Wendy K.
  • “Horrible traffic jam tonight! Cars were cutting through Nichols Funeral Home & Library parking lot, creating another issue at that intersection.. what a mess!” – Marie L.
  • “I have purposely been driving thru them several times a day. Awful as I watched 8 cars behind me cut thru the library lot. I’m sure the library staff will complain as they complain about high school pick up. And heading out of glen rd taking a right never fails the next light is red. Crossing there for High School kids is do dangerous as well. What a disaster” – Maureen L.
  • “Waited 3 cycles before I was able to go left on RT62 off Wildwood St. Like many things solving a problem creates another. Wilmington is starting to look like city with all the traffic.” – Dave M.

At least a few readers, however, approved of the changes or saw silver linings:

  • “Love it. So much safer.” – Marylou H.
  • “I loved being able to turn left from Glen Rd. Heavenly.” – Elise P.
  • “So far, I think the lights are great. They seem to intelligently prioritize Concord St unless traffic is coming from Glen or Wildwood. The No Right Turn signs are there because the logic controller is designed to give green turn lights whenever possible. The timing is a bit off on the intersection, but overall, it’s much better than the dangerous situation before.” – Angela P.

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