TOWN ELECTION RECAP: Bendel & Caira Win Selectmen Seats; 88% Of Voters Stay Home

WILMINGTON, MA — Selectmen candidates Kevin Caira (1,419 votes) and Greg Bendel (1,374 votes) earned resounding victories at the ballot box during Saturday’s Town Election.  Caira and Bendel defeated Tom Miller (567 votes) and Joe Lavino (231 votes) to earn the privilege succeeding longtime Selectmen Mike Newhouse and Lou Cimaglia.

“I’m ready and will do my very best.  You can count on that,” said Selectman Kevin Caira.  “Thank you to all my supporters — those who worked hard, held signs, wrote emails, made phone calls, sent dear friend cards… I can’t thank them enough, from the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you to all the residents who came out to vote today,” said Selectman Greg Bendel. “I appreciate your support and trust… [Wilmington] is the town I grew up in and is the town I live.  I look forward to working with other members of the board… I want to thank my family and, especially, my wife for all their support.”

Bendel said he was proud of the race he ran and thanked all the candidates for keeping things civil.  He noted he spent Election Day at the various polling locations, holding signs and supplying volunteers with pizza and coffee.

“Today, we saw the rain, we saw the sun, and a little bit of everything, but that’s New England weather for you,” joked Bendel.

“Terrible” Turnout

And perhaps the rain, during the early portion of the day, was at least partially responsible for a low voter turnout.  Only 2,007 voters — out of 16,431 — made it to the polls, just 12.2%.

Town Clerk Sharon George referred to the turnout as “very low,” saying she was “rather disappointed” and “expected a bigger turnout” with a 4-way Selectmen race on the ballot.

Selectman Candidate Tom Miller called the turnout “terrible.”

Selectman Candidate Joe Lavino suggested some voters may have been a “little skeptical” about him since he moved to Wilmington only a few years ago.  He enjoyed the “fantastic experience,” however, and learned a great deal about the town, where he plans to live in for the rest of his life.

Unopposed, But Important School Committee Races

Wilmington School Committee incumbents Peggy Kane (1,434 votes) and Julie Broussard (1,365), along with newcomer Tom Talbot (1,256), ran unopposed.

Shawsheen Tech School Committee incumbent Robert Peterson Sr. (1,645 votes) also ran unopposed.

Housing Authority Race: “Too Close To Call”

While there were no official candidates on the ballot for the one 5-year seat on the Wilmington Housing Authority, John Goggin and John Alefantis were running  write-in campaigns.

According to Town Clerk Sharon George, as of Saturday at 9am, the race was “too close to call.”  A winner likely won’t be announced until Monday morning.

Election Night Sights & Sounds

Below are some sights from last night’s WCTV Election Coverage:

Watch WCTV’s Election Night coverage below:

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