Middle School Principal Asks Parents To Help Stop After School Student Misbehavior At Plaza

WILMINGTON, MA — On early release days, social media in Wilmington often lights up with reports of middle school students misbehaving down at the Wilmington Plaza.

Some samplings from the Wilmington Police Log since September include:

  • A group of approximately 20 juveniles were throwing things at cars and causing a nuisance in front of Panera Bread in Wilmington Plaza. Police spoke to the kids and the crowd then dispersed.
  • Police responded to reports of 6-10 youths inside Panera Bread causing a disturbance.
  • Report of 4-5 youths on skateboards using foul language and “being nasty” in the Market Basket parking lot. Police advised the kids to stop their behavior.

This behavior from a small number of students at the Middle School has led Principal Amy Gerade to send the following message to parents on Thursday:

Dear WMS Parents and Guardian –

In the last month or so, I have been receiving reports from our neighbors on Carter Lane to business owners in the Plaza about some less than desirable behavior from some students in our community. Of particular concern are instances in which property is being vandalized or destroyed or that behavior lacks common courtesy so that others cannot complete business transactions. None of these reports have come from stakeholders within our school community, but instead Wilmington citizens who are concerned about our students.

To address these concerns, I need your assistance. I would ask that you take time to talk with your student(s) about what being a good member of the larger Wilmington community looks like. The administrative team reinforced those expectations during assemblies in January but any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Although I cannot tell students that they cannot go to the Plaza afterschool, particularly on Fridays and early release days, I would ask that students refrain from loitering in the areas and businesses around the Plaza.

Again the students engaging in these types of behaviors are few and far between. The vast majority of our students are strong members of the larger Wilmington community. My goal is to ensure the reputation of both our students and of our school remain in good standing in our community. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Have you ever encountered middle school students behaving badly at the Wilmington Plaza? Let Wilmington Apple know by commenting below or emailing wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.

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  1. I hope no one has ever encouraged middle schoolers to behave badly….check your post of typos before posting them

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