9 From Wilmington Pop Warner Named New England All-American Scholars

WILMINGTON, MA — New England Pop Warner announced on Friday that seven Wilmington Pop Warner football players and two Wilmington Pop Warner cheerleaders were selected as New England All-American Scholars.

First Team Scholar Honors:

  • Jack Rooney (6th grade)

Second Team Scholar Honors:

  • Victoria Ciampa (6th grade)
  • Emersyn Foresyth (6th grade)
  • Shane Roberts (7th grade)
  • Stephen Smolinsky (7th grade)
  • Richard Stuart (8th grade)
  • Dylan Timmons (6th grade)
  • Aedan Vitale (8th grade)

Honorable Mention

  • Dylan Clerico (7th grade)

The Pop Warner All-American Program requires a minimum 96% grade point average to apply.

A First Team All-American is one of the top 35 football players or top 35 cheerleaders for his/her grade in New England Pop Warner that have the highest score of 100% or above based on the combined score of Grade Point Average (GPA) and Addendum. A Second Team New England Pop Warner All-American consists of the next group of participants that score 100% or above in the combined score of GPA and Addendum. The participants that achieve the All American Scholar criteria and fall between a total combined GPA and Addendum score of 96% and 99% are awarded Honorable Mention.

These nine Wilmington student athletes are all invited to attend the 20th Annual New England Pop Warner Scholar Weekend, April 15 and April 16, at Patriot’s Place in Foxboro, where they will attend a reception and tribute ceremony, plus receive a tour of the stadium.

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