IT’S WORKING: Recycling Is Up, Trash Disposal Is Down, Cost Savings Realized

WILMINGTON, MA — During his FY17 budget presentation on Monday night, Town Manager Jeff Hull highlighted the success of Wilmington’s automated trash and recycling collection service.

Hull noted that since the start of the program on July 1 through December 31, there’s been a 19% increase in tons recycled and a 8% reduction in trash disposal.  As a result, disposal costs are down 22% from the same period in 2014, equating to a savings of approximately $68,000 in 6 months.

“We’ve seen the dividends we expected,” noted Hull, emphasizing the significant increase in recycling rates along with reduction in trash tonnage.

“The program has been a success,” said Hull.  “I recognize that change can be difficult…, but from everything I’ve heard from speaking with [DPW Director] Mike Woods and my own personal experience, the number of negative calls [on this topic] is now very limited.  People, by and large, have bought into the program and that’s good news for us.”

“I was a skeptic on this [trash and recycling] program,” admitted Selectman Mike McCoy. “I said to Jeff [Hull], if I see that it works, I will say that it works, and I can honestly say it’s working fine.  I was very hesitant supporting the program… but I was wrong.  I’ll admit that.  It’s a great program.”

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