PHOTO OF THE DAY: Wilmington Girl Fulfills Christmas Wish, Delivers Checks To Fire Department & Children’s Hospital

As the Wilmington Apple reported two weeks ago, Wilmington 8-year-old Kylie Plowman asked Santa, via her “Elf on the Shelf,” for $500-$600 to donate to the Boston Children’s Hospital and “to buy some Christmas gifts [for] those who didn’t get gifts or stuff they need.”

Her parents decided to crowdfund Kylie’s request via a GoFundMe page.

Kylie’s story quickly went viral, even picked up by WBZ Boston. Instead of raising $500, Kylie’s parents were able to raise more than $5,000 from 145 donors online!

This morning, Kylie and her parents dropped off $2,320+ checks to the Wilmington Fire Department, in support of their annual Toy Drive for Wilmington Children, and to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

WBZ Boston, once again, was there to cover the story.  Read their latest article HERE.

Below are photos from the check presentations from Kylie’s mom, shared with permission, along additional photos tweeted by Kylie’s principal Lisa King and Wilmington Fire Chief Rick McClellan.

Kylie at the Fire Station:

Kylie at Boston Children’s Hospital, interviewed by WBZ Boston:

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