Wilmington’s interlinkONE Acquires AwarenessHUB: The #1 Social Media Software for Sales

WILMINGTON, MA — interlinkONE, a pioneer in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry, announced that it has acquired AwarenessHUB, the number one social media software for sales. The data-powered social software platform is a powerful sales tool that intelligently identifies prospects across the social Web to boost revenue.

“AwarenessHUB is the perfect complement to interlinkONE’s SaaS offerings and will allow our customers to maximize their social media investment by bringing the right prospects based on targeted criteria,” said John Foley Jr., CEO, interlinkONE. “There’s a true market need for this technology and our customers have already expressed great interest in utilizing it.”

Foley and interlinkONE are no strangers to the social media space; Foley is CEO and CMO for interlinkONE and Grow Socially, and is currently ranked by Forbes as the 15th Most Influential CMO on Social Media. “We truly understand what organizations are looking for from their social media software, and it is not just a platform to post content. Companies want to recoup their investment in their software platform, but also in their social media marketing team. It’s time to change the way we think about calculating ROI on social media and really use it as a sales tool. AwarenessHUB fills the gap in the industry and is unlike any other platform out there.”

Gregg Monastiero and Mike Lewis, who were both part of the previous AwarenessHUB team, have signed on as advisors and were elected as members of the interlinkONE Board of Directors at the beginning of September. Additionally, Todd Chambers, Partner and CMO, Chief Outsiders, also serves on the interlinkONE Board of Directors, and has joined the advisory team.

“I was introduced to AwarenessHUB in the fall of 2013 and when I peeled back the layers of the company what I found was an incredible, unique technology that was on the verge of changing the game in the market,” said Greg Monastiero. “I’m excited to see AwarenessHUB’s success continue and prosper under John Foley, Jr. and interlinkONE’s leadership.”

How It Works

AwarenessHUB’s cloud-based suite leverages data science to rapidly model and score the profiles and signals across the social Web. The result is segmented lists of individuals who can be hyper-targeted for 1-to-1 social marketing programs resulting in a tremendous lift in qualified leads, pipeline and sales conversions. Past and present customers include leading brands and Fortune 50 companies. AwarenessHUB allows users to centrally manage all social accounts to listen and respond to customers in real-time, while engaging prospects with targeted content, all from a single platform. The platform provides insight into where potential and existing customers are online, what interests them most and the ability to better interact and engage them to drive revenue growth.

interlinkONE will be offering a live demo of the platform on Oct. 21, 2015 at 1 p.m. EDT for those interested. Registration is available at http://ilink.me/HubDemo.

About interlinkONE

interlinkONE, headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, is privately held and is funded by business leaders from the software, marketing and start-up communities. Founded in 1996, interlinkONE was a pioneer in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market by introducing their platform, ilinkONEpro, on the Web while the industry was still fulfilling software by CD-ROM. Led by CEO John Foley, Jr., interlinkONE has continued to be an industry leader in new technologies with products and services to fulfill the needs of businesses and organizations internationally. interlinkONE’s latest acquisition is AwarenessHUB, the number one social media software for sales.

(NOTE: The above press release is from interlinkONE.)

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