QUESTION OF THE DAY: Where You Do You Play The Lottery & Buy Scratch Tickets In Town?

Here’s Wilmington Apple’s Question of the Day for September 13: Where do you play the lottery and buy scratch tickets in Wilmington?

  • AL Prime Energy (342 Main Street)
  • Colonial Park Liquors (634 Main Street)
  • Cumberland Farms (205 Main Street)
  • East Gate Liquors (211 Lowell Street)
  • Elia’s Country Store (381 Middlesex Avenue)
  • Hess (now Speedway) (273 Main Street)
  • Lucci’s Supermarket (223 Lowell Street)
  • Richdale (357 Middlesex Avenue)
  • Rite Aid (208 Main Street)
  • Route 38 Smoke Shop (474 Main Street)
  • Shell (361 Middlesex Avenue)
  • Shell (586 Main Street)
  • Sonny’s Mobile on the Run (316 Lowell Street)
  • Sunrise Market (327 Main Street)
  • The Corner Store (296 Shawsheen Avenue)
  • Uptown Deli (363 Middlesex Avenue)
  • Wilmington Plaza Wine & Sports (258 Main Street)

(NOTE: This list comes from

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