QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do You Agree With School District’s New Vision & Mission Statements?

Wilmington School Superintendent Mary DeLai is asking parents, students and staff to take THIS SURVEY to provide feedback on the district’s new vision statement, mission statement and core values, all of which are still in draft form.

In her latest blog post (“Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year”), DeLai writes:

We would also like your input on the Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values.  These important statements and values will be our beacon and compass for the next several years so it is important that we have appropriately captured what you feel should be the vision, mission, and guiding beliefs for our district, our schools, and our school community.  To that end, we have developed a survey to solicit feedback from all school community members.  You can access the survey by clicking HERE.  This survey will remain open through 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 14th.

The draft vision statement reads: Wilmington Public Schools will be an EXEMPLARY district where ALL STUDENTS share the same opportunities to learn through access to high quality, rigorous curriculum and engaging, personalized instruction delivered in a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE, INCLUSIVE environment.  Our students will be confident, empathetic, healthy, life-long learners with a commitment to ethical citizenship, an optimism for the future, and a passion for making a positive contribution to their community and world.

The draft mission statement reads: Wilmington Public Schools provides a challenging, standards-aligned, engaging, personalized educational experience that promotes both the academic success and the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of all students, provides them multiple ways to demonstrate individual learning and growth, and prepares them for success in work, college, and life.

Core values under consideration include: Accountability; Adaptability; Belonging; Caring; Citizenship; Collaboration; Cooperation; Empathy; Excellence; Honesty; Inclusiveness; Independence; Integrity; Perseverance; Resilience; Respect; Responsibility; Service; Success; and Trust.

Here’s Wilmington Apple’s Question of the Day for September 5: Do you agree with the school district’s new proposed vision statement and mission statement? What should the district’s core values be? TAKE THE SURVEY!

Let Wilmington know your thoughts via the Wilmington Apple Facebook page, via the Wilmington Apple Twitter page, in the comments section below, or via email at  Responses may be included in a future article.

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