QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which Wilmington Dance Studio Do You Recommend?

Several local dance studios have begun promoting their fall classes and holding open houses.

Here’s Wilmington Apple’s Question of the Day for August 28: Which Wilmington dance studio do you recommend?

Let Wilmington know your thoughts via the Wilmington Apple Facebook page, via the Wilmington Apple Twitter page, in the comments section below, or via email at  Responses may be included in a future article.

2 thoughts

  1. My vote is Debi’s Dance Studio not only has my daughter been dancing there for years I too grew up dancing at “debi’s” it truly was my home away from home. She has taught me not only how to dance but also that dedication and hardwork always pay off. She has high standards and they show. Her recital is like no
    Other. You won’t find another show where you actually can’t wait for the next act. Her shows are truly one in a million and I feel so blessed
    To have my daughter be able to experience the same experience I did as
    A child!

  2. My daughter is now a freshman in college but she danced at Debi’s Dance Studio. It was such a wonderful experience we still attend the recital each year. There is a real emphasis from the instructors for each dancer to improve their skills while having fun. Each dancer leaves with an increased level of self confidence.

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