QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Do You Buy At The Wilmington Farmers Market?

The Wilmington Farmers Market is celebrating its fifth year in operation.  An estimated 300-500 local shoppers frequent the market every Sunday, from mid-June to mid-October.

Here’s Wilmington Apple’s Question of the Day for August 3: What do you buy at the Wilmington Farmers Market? 

  • Vegetables and fruits from Farmer Dave, Gaouette Farm, Lanni Orchards, and/or Moonlight Farm?
  • Seafood from Seafood Express?
  • Sweets from Razzy’s, Lyndell’s, The Cookie Lady and/or Sweet Lydia’s?
  • Dairy (cheese, eggs, yogurt) from Foxboro Cheese/Lawton Family Farm?
  • Honey and syrup from Honey Pot Maple Farm?
  • BBQ sauce from Chef Mike?
  • Juices from Powerhouse Juice?
  • Dog treats from Emmett’s Edibles?
  • Candles from Kittredge Candles?
  • Soaps from Jennifer’s Handmade Soaps?
  • Jewelry from KC Styles and/or Jessica Silva Macrame Jewlery?
  • Ribbons, banners and quilts from Laurie’s Custom Creations?
  • Bags and accessories from The Juice Box Diva?

Let Wilmington know your thoughts via the Wilmington Apple Facebook page, via the Wilmington Apple Twitter page, in the comments section below, or via email at Any responses may be used in a future article.

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